Connecticut Greenhouse Facing Local Fight Over Landscaping

Connecticut Greenhouse Facing Local Fight Over Landscaping

Sam Bridge Nursery After RenovationsSam Bridge Nursery and Greenhouses in Greenwich, CT, is a third-generation family business that has been operating in the town of Greenwich, CT, for 87 years. Recently, the company was issued a cease and desist order from the town of Greenwich’s Zoning Enforcement Officer. The order states that Sam Bridge has a “Landscaping business being run out of a permitted nursery.”

According to the town’s municipal code book, a commercial nursery is defined as a place where trees and other plants are grown for sale. Currently, according to the owners of Sam Bridge, the town does not have a definition for a landscaping business in the municipal code book.


“Although we find the zoning enforcement officer to be a reasonable person, we believe that his interpretation of the town municipal code for nurseries is incorrect,” says Owner Sam Bridge. “We also believe that the current land use definition for nurseries, written in the 1940s, is vague and outdated. We will be asking the Zoning Board of Appeals to overturn its decision and/or to amend our special exception to include landscaping.”

Sam Bridge Nursery has started a petition on to seek support from the community and potentially the broader industry in its efforts to reverse the order. The goal of the petition is to amend the special exception for Sam Bridge Nursery & Greenhouses to include landscaping.

More details on the story are available on the Greenwich Free Press website.

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Chris Lavocat says:

These town officials can’t find anything better to do with their time. God forbid a Nursery has a few dump trucks and some tools sitting around.

Jay says:

Who complained or what event caused the zoning officer to investigate your operations ? Needs to be thought thru.