Dutch Grower Realizing Better Logistics With RFID

Dutch Grower Realizing Better Logistics With RFID

Dutch Grower Realizing Better Logistics With RFID

Container Centralen (CC) added RFID tags to all of its European CC carts earlier this year. Authentication was Container Centralen’s primary goal in adding RFID, but BAAS Plantenservice, a Dutch grower that participated in the RFID pilot project, realized improved logistics handling as well as fewer shipping errors as a result.


The track-and-trace system starts with BAAS’s suppliers, who apply a barcode label with the BAAS order number to each Container Centralen cart. The barcode is linked to the CC RFID tag by scanning both with a ScanGreen RFID handheld. The information is sent to BAAS and its transport companies via the ScanGreen RFID platform, which uses it to optimize the inbound transport.

When the cart is loaded, the driver also scans the tag, and that information is also sent to BAAS. BAAS then knows exactly when goods will arrive. Upon arrival, BAAS only needs to scan the RFID tags, after which items are booked in automatically.

During each RFID scan, the cart is automatically authenticated and registered, allowing seamless administration of carts.

“We immediately saw the opportunities to further speed up and improve our logistics,” says Ad van de Wijdeven, BAAS’s managing director. “Especially in peak periods, when we process about 14,000 CCs a day, things can easily go wrong. And that requires a lot of communication between suppliers, transporters and our logistical and financial departments.

“All of this is no longer necessary because we can see the status of each delivery at a glance. Our suppliers and transporters have the same information. And it all happens automatically.”

Five growers participated in the pilot project. More growers and transporters will participate by the end of this year.

Learn more about Container Centralen online at Container-Centralen.com.