Five Must-See Presentations At This Year’s Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition (TPIE)

Five Must-See Presentations At This Year’s Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition (TPIE)

TPIE 2015This year’s Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition (TPIE) takes place January 20-22 at the Broward County Convention Center in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The event showcases the latest trends in foliage, floral, and tropicals, and features a trade show with 200,000 square feet of living and vibrant plants, creating a virtual indoor garden of show-stopping displays.

With 400 exhibiting companies in more than 800 booth spaces, TPIE offers wholesale buyers a wide array of resources for foliage and tropical plants. Additional educational opportunities are also available through free demonstrations held each day at TPIE, generally on the hour, as well as a line-up of sessions specific to interiorscape professionals and business managers.


As you make plans for attending the event, here are five activities that should be part of your agenda.

1. TPIE’s Opening Session, “Shifting Perspectives,” presented by international trends analyst Christine Boland. Take advantage of the rich consumer information offered by Boland, who also presented last year’s opening session on trends and mindsets.

2. The “Elevating Expectations” Session. In step with the new TPIE tagline “Elevating Expectations,” a special session has been added to the schedule to help you elevate expectations of yourself, your business, and your industry. Join international speaker, author, and strategist John Kennedy on Thursday, January 21, as he addresses not only reacting to changing expectations in your world, but taking the step to elevate expectations.

3. TPIE’s Interior Design Showrooms. Plants are an important part of any interior setting, and TPIE offers a new special showcase of today’s hottest trends in interior design styles. Visit Lobby A of the convention center to see four interior vignettes designed by four different interior designers, which match plant designs with interior designs. Featured styles will include modern, repurposed/reclaimed, mid-century modern, and children’s spaces.

4. New Product Awards presented by The Garden Center Group. See what buyers say are the coolest products at the show! This session showcases the top 15 cool plants and products voted on by buyers at the show. Exhibitors with winning products will share more information about the items during this session. It’s a quick and lively way to see what’s trending at TPIE.

5. TPIE Exhibitor Showcase on New Products. TPIE is the platform for the introduction of many new items to the industry. While attending TPIE, see the newest plants and products on the market at the TPIE Exhibitor Showcase Area on the show floor. This area features exhibitors’ newest varieties, as well as special exhibitor showcase items. For more information on some of this year’s new products, visit the TPIE website.