Freedom Tree Farms Joins HGTV HOME Plant Collection Growers For 2014

Freedom Tree Farms Joins HGTV HOME Plant Collection Growers For 2014

freedom tree farmsThe HGTV HOME Plant Collection has chosen Freedom Tree Farms as a new growing partner for 2014, according to Randy Hunter, Managing Partner of Agricola Management Group, exclusive licensee for the Plant Collection.

Freedom Tree Farms, located in Pelham, Tenn., will grow shrubs, annuals and select perennials designed for the South for the Expressions Annuals, Essential Perennials and the Smart & Stylish Shrubs Collections. HGTV worked in conjunction with Agricola Management Group to develop its various Plant Collections.


“Freedom Tree Farms exemplifies the qualities we look for in selecting our strategic growing partners,” says Sarah Rolfes, Agricola Management’s account manager. “Freedom Tree Farms is one of the country’s largest wholesale nurseries serving a range of markets across the country and they join our team of more than 30 U.S. regional growers for 2014. Agricola continually seeks high-quality growers to partner with in this exciting growth opportunity.”

“Freedom Tree Farms is proud to join the HGTV HOME Plant Collection as a growing partner for annuals, perennials and shrubs for its high-quality product lines,” says Catherine Daugherty, director of sales and marketing with Freedom Tree Farms. “Through its continued growth and expansion, the Plant Collection is demonstrating that its innovative gardening solutions are making an impact with both retailers and consumers.”

With more than 350 acres of Tennessee farmland, Freedom Tree Farms is one of the largest American family-owned-and-operated wholesale nurseries specializing in fruit trees and edible plants located east of the Mississippi River. Along with fruit, Freedom Tree Farms grows flowering, shade and ornamental trees and shrubs and evergreens in hundreds of varieties and sizes. The nursery stays on the cutting edge of plant product lines and development through custom budding and grafting for its own nursery as well as college and university research programs and commercial orchards.

The HGTV HOME Plant Collection has been available in more than 950 retailers in the U.S. and Canada this past year, with continued expansion of growers, retailers and plant varieties anticipated for the coming months.

For additional information on the various lines in the HGTV HOME Plant Collection or to become a growing partner, visit or, or contact Rolfes at [email protected]