Get a Grower’s Perspective on Creating a Biological Program

Gerbera-Scouting-featureFor greenhouse growers just getting started in biologicals, sometime the best resource for education is another grower who’s been down that road before. Growers attending the Biocontrols USA West Conference and Trade Show in Portland, OR, in March will have this opportunity.

Taylor Burk, former Head Grower at Fessler Nursery and now the Propagation Manager at Heritage Seedlings and Liners, is making a presentation on “Creating a Biological Program for Pest Magnet Crops: A Grower’s Perspective.” At Fessler Nursery, growers use a beneficial insect-based IPM approach. Focusing on Thunbergia and Gerbera crops, Burk will discuss the different biological organisms and banker plant systems the company uses, and why these are effective in producing crops that are often plagued by pests.


Burk will also highlight the reasons why she made decisions on using chemicals, as well as the importance of full greenhouse evaluations and crop rotation within greenhouse production. Growers and IPM managers attending this session can also expect to learn about the labor and cost associated with using a beneficial insect-based IPM regimen.

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