Grow ALL The Plants! Podcast Aims To Bring New Perspective To Gardening

Grow ALL The Plants! Podcast Aims To Bring New Perspective To Gardening

Joseph Tychonievich

Joseph Tychonievich

For those immersed in the multi-faceted world of plants, there’s always something to talk about. That’s why horticulturist Joseph Tychonievich has taken steps toward starting conversation about plants as a way to reach out to others who share his passion.


Through his new podcast, Grow ALL the plants!, Tychonievich is hoping to appeal to all types of gardeners and plant lovers looking to learn something new, as well as give a fresh perspective on horticulture.

Grow ALL the plants! is about everything related to plants and gardening and is produced, recorded, edited and hosted by Tychonievich.

We talked to Joseph Tychonievich to find out more about his latest endeavor.

GG: First, tell us why you decided to do a podcast.

Tychonievich: I wanted to try something different to reach out to gardeners in a new way.
There are only a few gardening podcasts out there, so I felt like it was a void I could try and fill. It also seemed like a fun excuse to get cool people I like and admire on the phone and pick their brains.

GG: Who do you hope listens to your podcast — consumers, retailers, growers — or everyone?

Tychonievich: I’m aiming at everyone and anyone who is a gardener and cares about plants.
I’m really hoping that everyone who gardens can listen to it and learn something new. I love the idea of getting the different sections of the horticulture world talking to each other, so my very first episode was talking to people from the retail and grower side of things to explain a little about that world to the average consumer. In another episode, I talked to plant taxonomists to get them to explain why scientific names of plants keep changing.

There are so many different niches and aspects to the world of plants, and I hope my podcast will introduce people to sides of the horticultural universe they’ve never really thought about before.

GG: Where is your podcast hosted? How can listeners find it? How are you marketing it?

Tychonievich: The actual podcast files are hosted through Libsyn (which, if you are thinking about starting a podcast, is a really great service I’ve been very happy with), but the main website to find all the episodes and information about them is It is also available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Marketing so far is mostly through my social media networks, word of mouth and through the many talks I give to gardening groups and organizations.

GG: Who are some of the guests you’ve featured so far?

Tychonievich: Rick Schoellhorn, the recently retired new products director for Proven Winners, taking listeners behind the scenes of new plant introductions; John Grimshaw, the British snowdrop expert, talking about cool plants you should try out; and Tony Reznicek, the plant taxonomist who is, in part, responsible for the fact that pulsatilla and hepatica are now officially anemones, explaining why those names have to change. I have two to four guests each episode, so you get a lot of different perspectives and opinions.

GG: How many listeners do you have so far?

Tychonievich: About 1,500 at this point. I’m excited to see how much more it will grow.

GG: What are your ultimate dreams for Grow ALL the plants? What do you hope to accomplish with it?

Tychonievich: I want it to be a fresh, new, innovative place for people to go to learn about and get excited about gardening. I want to bring new voices, opinions and perspectives to gardeners’ attention and get them thinking differently about the plants we all love so much.