10 Creative Holiday Display Ideas Spied On Pinterest

10 Creative Holiday Display Ideas Spied On Pinterest

Looking for fresh display ideas? Take a look at these easy-to-implement ideas we found on Pinterest.

Unconventional Chandeliers


mason-jars-filled-with-ornamentswhite-and-silver-items-hanging-from-abc-carpetOne display theme that quickly emerges is the large-scale “chandeliers.” The hanging display is created from many items, unified in color.

Take this Mason jar chandelier. Mason jars, still enjoying their unlikely fashionable status, dangle on twine attached to their lids. These are filled with red ornaments to great effect. It’s easy to imagine other versions — filled with Christmas lights, air plants, or candles.

White was another big holiday display theme on Pinterest. This photo from ABC Carpet & Home uses actual chandeliers mixed with other white props. The color is echoed by the products for sale below.

The final image here is from a boutique and features puffs of yarn. If you look closely, you’ll see that the yarn balls are repeated on the strands all the way down, about every 6 inches or so. It gives more volume to the hanging without taking up more space. And if you look for garden ideas, you’ll see a similar technique applied to vertical gardening. There’s one with air plants tied every few inches to fishing lines, or poles with a small potted plant placed every few inches. Like this display, when you put together a group of such lines or poles, you have drama.



Horizontal Wreath

horizontal-wreath-with-hanging-ornaments Continuing with the chandelier idea, consider turning a few of your wreaths into hanging displays. This idea can be used in several ways. First, just as it’s shown here, it can be a display that shows off your more pricey ornaments. If you want to sell directly from the wreath, you’ll want to lower it so it hangs a shoppable height.

This can also hang above a Christmas tree, acting as a more elaborate tree star. If you do that, you’ll want to have plenty of whichever wreath you use displayed for sale nearby.


Ladders (?!) Are Hot

ornaments-hanging-from-a-ladderbuckets-in-a-ladderThis trend was a little surprising. Ladders, so utilitarian and prone to pinching fingers, are one of the most stylish displays you can use this year. Perhaps it stems from the up-cycle fad, and a continuing love of natural materials. After all, notice none of these pins include a plastic ladder.

The ladder to the far right stands in as a Christmas tree, complete with a tree topper and ornaments. This could work well in an area where you want to set a tone, but where traffic needs to keep flowing, since it isn’t practical as a shopping display.

That’s certainly not the case with the pin to the near right. Buckets are inserted between the braces, allowing stores to stock any small items they wish.

And the display below went even further with shopability. By adding thick planks of wood on the steps and braces, you can gain an inexpensive and stylish shelving unit. Just be sure employees understand it needs to be emptied before moving it, or you’re likely to have a mess.



The Ornament Dress

dress-made-from-green-and-silver-ornamentsThis pin isn’t that different from the chandelier pins. It’s the same concept brought down from the ceiling. Using a brightly colored string, the ornaments create a fun silhouette that would work well in any garden store gift department.

You could create a hanging basket with evergreen branches and this type of ornament display for a high-margin decorative items. It would look spectacular on your customers’ front porches when it’s too cold to otherwise enjoy.


Crate Trees

white-crate-tree-holiday-display-from-the-ukcrate-christmas-tree-from-anthropologieMany retailers are already using crates for displays. These retailers just took that concept to the next level and created a holiday “tree” that happens to highlight products as well as creating a wow moment.

The white tree is an easy one to mimic for garden retailers. The crates are all standard shipping size, and all painted a uniform white. To keep the crates stable, the first layer is a level platform.

To the right is a more sophisticated version. Notice it has three coordinating colors to give the display depth. It also has crates of many sizes.

There are a few different interpretations you can do with this concept. You can attach the crates to a wall, which would take up less space and perhaps invite more shopping. Another approach would be to use chalkboard paint with holiday messages written on the visible edges. That way the crates can be reused throughout the year without repainting.


Hula Hoops!

hoola-hoops-with-lights What a fun concept… add lights to hula hoops, and you create a minimalist wreath that adds elegance to your displays. They’re slight, so they won’t obstruct sight lines, and are lightweight enough you can hang several of them without worrying about the load your ceiling is taking on.


Birch Magic

birch-in-a-window-displaybirch-display-at-the-proven-winners-booth-at-cultivate Birch trunks are having a moment in 2016. The white bark with dark, horizontal markings are showing up everywhere.

Hopefully, you’re already stocking individual birch trunks for sale at a healthy margin. But even if you aren’t, there’s a lot you can do with them in your store displays.

Take a look at the Marie Belle store window to the far right. It uses the birch trunks in a straightforward way. They’re mimicking their natural role, helping the display look as if you stumbled across it in the woods.

Take a look at how Proven Winners used birch in its summer trade show booth. It suspended the logs from the ceiling, creating a wall screen.

You can put your own twist on the trend. Lay them flat and tie them together for a rough table top, or add glass to level things out. Suspend four logs, add notches so you can add shelves, for a vertical display unit. Or take a fat lot and display miniature plants and fairy garden items.


Another Way To Use Your Window Props

windows-used-to-frame-goods-for-sale Every garden retailer has old windows in its prop collection. Here’s one more use you can get from them: connecting two of them with a hinge so they can hold themselves up, add cup hooks, and display your best ornaments.


A Natural Fashionista

evergreens-manniquinevergreen-mannequin-with-ornaments There are a lot of mannequins wearing plants and branches as dresses on Pinterest. And any plant retailer selling Christmas trees, cut evergreen branches, and holiday goods just so happens to have all the things they need to create one of these popular displays.

The basic concept can be seen in the pin to the left: evergreen boughs placed in a way to look like a dress.

The pin to the right takes it one step further, using cloth ribbon or cloth to create a bodice, traditional ribbon as a belt, and ornaments acting as beading to the evergreen skirt.

Retailers can take this even further, of course. Why not flock the branches for a wintry look? Or create a skirt from small wreaths? Or from potted cyclamen attached to a wire mesh under skirt?

It’s a fun way to show off your inventory, and invites more pins to be posted.


Floating Candle Illusion

harry-potter-floating-candlesSoon after picking this idea from Pinterest, we saw the idea is starting to make the rounds on Facebook, too.

This idea can work for both Halloween and Christmas. Suspend the fake candles on fishing lines, staggering each ones height, to create a magical effect. Around Halloween, the candles look eerie. With a snowy display, the candles are wintry. Paint them warm, natural hues, and you’ll have a fresh take on a Thanksgiving display.

This idea would be perfect for an outdoor plant area. Instead of using paper towel holders, use weather proof materials like PVC pipes, and outdoor artificial candles.