Take Greenhouse Grower’s 2018 State of the Industry Survey

Dual Atrium Greenhouse (Nexus)Growers and others associated with the greenhouse business often ask our Greenhouse Grower editorial staff where we get ideas for stories. The Answer: You!

Sure, we attend industry conferences and educational seminars, and we do get a lot of story ideas that way. But the best ideas come from growers, industry suppliers, Extension folks, etc. They are on the ground, after all, in many cases more often than we have the opportunity.


Because it’s not practical for us to talk individually with our tens of thousands of subscribers, we’re asking you to please take some time to answer our 2018 State of the Industry survey. Granted, it takes more than a few minutes to fill out, but your survey answers will provide the basis of our annual State of the Industry report for the January issue of Greenhouse Grower® magazine, and direct future content in both Greenhouse Grower® magazine and Greenhouse Grower® TECHNOLOGY magazine,.

Last year, more than 900 of you responded, and we’re looking forward to comparing those answers with those you provide this year. And the survey is not only for growers and grower-retailers. Researchers, suppliers, and others associated with the greenhouse industry have questions specifically designed for them, as well.

Without your feedback, we can’t put together what we consider to be a fascinating assessment of the state of the nation’s greenhouse industry. We want to know what your experience has been like over the past year, what plans you may have, and what trends you think we should be watching.

So go ahead, tell us what you really think. Please submit your thoughts and comments as soon as you get the chance.

By the way, we do ask some forthright questions, but rest assured, aside from some anecdotal quotes, we will not share your individual information. We’re for growers all the way, and we consider that trust to be sacred.