Tariff Hike on Floriculture Hard Goods From China Delayed

Tariff Hike on Floriculture Hard Goods From China DelayedThe Society of American Florists (SAF) says the U.S. has agreed to temporarily delay the escalation of certain additional tariffs on floriculture hard goods produced in China from 10% to 25%. The increase was scheduled to take effect Jan. 1, 2019. In return, China will open its market to U.S. agricultural and industrial products.

According to a report from Drew Gruenburg, SAF’s Chief Operating Officer, the delay comes after President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping met in Buenos Aires at the Group of 20 Summit to discuss, among other things, the tariff situation. Many floriculture hard goods are included among the thousands of products from China already subject to the current 10% tariff, which was imposed in September. Those products include plastics, ceramics, containers, and other packaging materials commonly used in the floral industry.


SAF sent a letter to the U.S. Trade Representative in early September advocating on the industry’s behalf.

A number of uncertainties still remain, says Shawn McBurney, SAF’s Senior Director of Government Relations.

“The temporary delay in additional tariff escalation depends on the outcome of U.S.-China trade negotiations over the course of a 90-day period beginning December 1, 2018,” McBurney says. “The White House reports that if no agreement is reached once that period has passed, the additional tariffs will escalate to 25% as planned.”

Read the complete SAF report here.