Hermann Engelmann Greenhouses

Hermann Engelmann Greenhouses

Hermann Engelmann Greenhouses

City: Apopka, Fla.


Website: ExoticAngel.com

Environmentally controlled square footage: 2,800,000

Number of offshore facilities:

Percentage of production space under permanent environmentally controlled structure devoted to each crop:

Potted foliage 100%

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Carol Winfield says:

I am teh Live Nursery Specialist at Lowe's in Vermont. Do you have a way to view teh items we will be recieving from your company? For example, we just had a PO drop shwing two itemswe have not had before: 451959 an 451958 Latina Collection. It would be nice to be able to look up what this is. Thanks.

Phil Moya says:

I received some flowers from Fed Ex not sure sent them to me. Do you have a record of the person who sent them they arrived today 2/21/1013

Connie says:

Hello. A friend of mine sent me some flowers and I am trying to identify what kind of flowers they are. They were not identified in the paperwork. There are several numbers in the literature, but I am not sure what you need for id purposes. FL 0565 1280 010470000 The flowers have green leaves and yellow, small flowers. I would appreciate any help. Thanks

Robin Shepheard says:

I want you to know that a package from your greenhouse was delivered to my home via Fedex. The package contained a basket filled with some potted plants..ivy and flowered. The basket was wrapped in saran wrap. The packing material to protect the plants consisted of one piece of paper. The box was at least two times larger than the item in the box. Why would one of your workers think that would secure the item in the package. Needless to say these plants went through hell in that box. Everything was broken in the basket. The decorative moss in the basket is wet and dirty. This package was not something that I ordered, it was a gift from a client of mine who was wishing me well after surgery. I called this client to thank her but I also had to make her aware of the condition of the plants. She spent money on this with good faith that your shipping would meet the standards of FTD. I suggest you train your workers on choosing the right size container to ship in and if they need to use a larger box how to pack it so it is secure in the box. what a shame that you have such poor customer service. Your workers should take enough pride in their work to deliver excellence.

Stephan A. Henriques says:

I bought 2 pots of plants from Lowes here in Panama City. Each pot consist of 5 green,10 inches spikes. The label gave this info. WK 51,20 oz., ARCHITECTURAL, 7 15869 49073, 416105 REG 15 fl. oz.(440 Ml). And, your address. I cannot find info on the web on how to grow this unusual plant. When I enter Architectural or plant Architectural I get stuff about houses. Can you send its scientific name are another common name. Thank You.SAH

Rosalie Bjelke says:

I would like some information about purchasing wholesale for Four Seasons, Selma, AL. Thank you

Ron Mazzeo says:

I have tried to these exoticangel plants, with no success. I follow the watering apllication, and keep them in the shade and sun, with NO SUCCESS I have bought about a dozen, and thrown them all away…. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANYTHING TO OFFER?