Pineae Greenhouses Earns Sustainability Certification

Pineae GreenhousesPineae Greenhouses, Inc., an Ogden, UT-based producer of spring flowering annuals, perennials, container nursery products, and flowering holiday plants, has achieved MPS-A certification from More Profitable Sustainability (MPS), which develops and manages sustainability certificates for the international floral and ornamental industry.

Pineae Greenhouses was started by the Gold family in 1952. Through hard work and valuable mentoring from industry leaders, Pineae has become a leader in nursery and greenhouse production. In 2006, the operation moved to Ogden, establishing a state-of-the-art automated greenhouse and nursery operation that serves customers throughout the Rocky Mountain area. Today, Pineae is #64 on Greenhouse Grower’s 2018 Top 100 Growers list with nearly 1.1 million square feet of environmentally controlled production.


Being a forward-thinking grower made the Gold family look into MPSABC Sustainability certification.

“It was a natural step, as one of our biggest customers also requested us to consider MPS-ABC certification,” says Brian Gold of Pineae Greenhouses. “Though this program was not mandatory, we were encouraged to investigate its potential to help improve quality and profitability along with sustainability.”

After thoroughly investigating and talking to industry partners, Pineae proceeded with MPS-ABC certification by using the My-MPS Top (daily) registration.

MPS has been working with the Gold family through Arthij van der Veer since 2017. Brad Gold is involved with the registrations for MPS-ABC.

“The initial year is about looking at where you are as a grower,” Brad Gold says. “MPS-ABC certification is a learning curve, but not an excessive one. It forced us to look critically at areas of our business that we had not previously considered. The main changes were in the area of recordkeeping, but these requirements were not onerous, as MPS has a very good software platform for data entry.”

Moving forward, Pineae expects to receive information synergy from its group of peer growers, both in North America and worldwide, that will help the company constantly improve.