2018 Greenhouse Grower Top 100 Growers: The Complete List, and More

2018-Top-100-logo-with-image-featureIs the industry moving toward a future in which there are fewer, more high-tech, environmentally controlled greenhouse facilities producing floriculture crops?

The Top 100 Growers think this may be the outcome, as crushing labor costs and shortages give no choice other than to adopt sometimes expensive automation and technology that could be restrictive for many growers. Greenhouse Grower’s Top 100 Growers Survey for 2018 shows that the ongoing trend toward the big getting bigger is continuing, as large growers keep expanding to capture additional market share.


With 240,289,031 square feet of environmentally controlled greenhouse space, the nation’s largest growers account for 59% of the growing space in the industry, compared to the total greenhouse space (409 million square feet) in the most recent USDA Floriculture Crops Summary for 2015, and 33% of the market, if measured against USDA’s 2015 total covered area figure (737 million square feet).

Growers Are on the Move

Significant growth in the past year occurred among the Top 100 Growers, with 29 growers reporting they expanded production.

The biggest ranking swap is in the top 10, with Altman Plants moving up the rankings to No. 2 after expanding by 1.6 million square feet of environmentally controlled greenhouse space, trading spaces with Costa Farms at No. 3. And although Costa purchased Green Leaf Nursery in February, the operation is reporting 3.7 million fewer square feet in production space than in 2017. Color Point added another 572,800 square feet, and Seville Farms moved up a spot after expanding by 885,000 square feet.

Sustainability for the Future

With nearly a third of the Top 100 Growers participating in one of the two larger sustainability certification programs available, we decided to highlight these growers’ accomplishments on the list below. We didn’t include local sustainability programs; however, we will consider expanding this recognition in the future for a more comprehensive look at a growers’ sustainability efforts.

Check out the complete list below!

2018 Rank2017 RankName Of OperationState2018 Total (Environmentally Controlled Square Feet)U.S. Acreage (Shade Houses)U.S. Acreage (Field Production)
11Color Spot Nurseries* (M)CA21,000,0002062,603
23Altman PlantsCA17,118,02975520
32Costa Farms (M)FL15,064,7901,2501,040
44Kurt Weiss GreenhousesNY9,238,2323095
55Rocket FarmsCA8,305,12000
6t7Bell Nursery (V)MD7,400,00000
6t6Metrolina Greenhouses (M)NC7,400,00023184
88Color Point (M)KY5,800,00006
910Seville Farms (M)TX5,685,000420
109Green Circle Growers (M)OH5,100,00008
1111The Sun Valley GroupCA4,000,00000
1212Coastal Greenhouses (formerly Ivy Acres)NY3,950,2500180
1313Speedling (M)FL3,674,00000
1415Olson's Greenhouse Gardens (M)UT3,588,583050
1514Milgro NurseryUT3,500,00000
1618tWoodburn Nursery and AzaleasOR3,200,00030350
1716Natural Beauty GrowersWI3,143,000010
1826Bela Flor Nurseries (V)MO3,005,640095
1917Dallas Johnson Greenhouses (M)IA2,875,000010
20t18tMatsui Nursery*CA2,800,00000
20t18tSmith GardensWA2,800,000161
2224Wenke/Sunbelt Greenhouses (M)MI2,700,00014
2321Headstart NurseryCA2,682,000012
2422Aris Horticulture (M)OH2,631,460650
2523Skagit Horticulture (M)WA2,600,00010420
2627Tagawa Greenhouse EnterprisesCO2,590,00000
2725Bay City FlowersCA2,500,00000
2829Bergen's Greenhouses (M)MN2,186,98505
2928N.G. Heimos GreenhouseIL2,013,000119
3030Battlefield Farms (M)VA1,960,200522
3136Dan & Jerry's GreenhousesMN1,960,00008
3233Dewar NurseriesFL1,826,74549218
3331Dan Schantz Farm (M)PA1,814,381010
3440Young's Plant Farm (M)AL1,805,000032
3532Riverview Flower FarmFL1,785,9603215
3634Plant MarketingWI1,770,27907
3741Lucas GreenhousesNJ1,765,000025
3835Garden State GrowersNJ1,742,400025
3938Valley Flowers*CA1,740,00000
4039DeLeon's BromeliadsFL1,723,93951
4146Grower Direct Farms (M)CT1,620,00000
4242Ocean Breeze International*CA1,614,00000
4343Westland Floral Company*CA1,600,00000
4444Four Star GreenhousesMI1,598,80100
4554Rockwell Farms (M)NC1,568,160021
4645Post GardensMI1,527,00000
4747Van Wingerden InternationalNC1,524,600012
4848tKawahara Nurseries (M)CA1,500,000150
4950Sawyer NurseryMI1,438,154886
5051Bailey NurseriesMN1,437,49000
5152Henry Mast Greenhouses/Masterpiece Flower Co.MI1,420,00009
5253Willoway Nurseries (M)OH1,418,3400850
5355Panzer NurseryOR1,400,00020
5457American Color (M)VA1,393,920010
5560Corso's Perennials (M)OH1,312,932025
5656Johannes Flowers*CA1,307,00000
5758tRichardson Brothers GreenhousesIL1,300,00000
5837Heartland Growers (M)IN1,226,68200
5961Masson Farms of New MexicoNM1,219,68942
60t62tArmstrong GrowersCA1,200,00012103
60t66tVan de Wetering Greenhouses (M)NY1,200,00009
6264The Plug ConnectionCA1,170,00029
6348tKitayama BrothersCA1,100,00000
6469Pineae Greenhouses, Inc. (M)UT1,094,000040
6570Red Oak GreenhouseIA1,090,82000
6666tWelby Gardens Co./Hardy Boy Plants-HardystartsCO1,080,00000
6765Bob's Market and GreenhousesWV1,040,00004
6871South Central Growers (M)TN1,030,354017
6966tHarts Nursery*OR1,000,000210
7074Countryside Greenhouse and Farm MarketMI970,00000
7173Petitti/Casa Verde GrowersOH925,00005
7272Dramm and Echter Inc.CA900,00000
73t62tYoung's Nursery and GreenhousesTN871,200015
73t75Myriad Flowers InternationalCA871,20055
7676White's Nursery and GreenhousesVA860,00005
7777tTwixwood Nursery*MI851,00000
7881Baucom's NurseryNC850,00023125
7979Kent's Bromeliad NurseryCA840,00000
80t80Botany Lane GreenhousesCO800,000315
80t82Plainview Growers (M)NJ800,000020
8285Green Valley GreenhousesMN770,38106
8383Olive Hill GreenhousesCA760,00000
8484California PajarosaCA750,00035
8586Sedan FloralKS742,15600
86t87tEsbenshades Greenhouse*PA740,00000
86t87tPlants UnlimitedMI740,00000
88t89tGroLink Plant CompanyCA700,00064
88t89tKnox Nursery (M)FL700,00000
9032Colorama Wholesale NurseryCA696,960130
91NRFessler NurseryOR690,00000
9297Pleasant View Gardens (M)NH673,03008
93t92tGreen Valley Floral* (V)CA650,00000
93t92tLoop's Nursery and GreenhousesFL650,00002
9594McLellan Botanicals Taisuco American Corp.CA646,294072
96NRAndy Mast GreenhousesMI636,800020
9796Cuthbert GreenhousesOH631,62003.5
9891Parks Brothers FarmAR630,0001415
9998Tidal Creek GrowersMD621,455511
10099Micandy Gardens GreenhouseMI580,00000

NR = not ranked
t = tie
* = estimate
M = More Profitable Sustainability (MPS) certification
V = Certified Veriflora Sustainably Grown