4 New Ways To Label Your Plants

4 New Ways To Label Your Plants

Check out these four new tags and labels to help you promote your products.

Premium XL Hang Tag from MasterTag


Premium XL Hang Tag
MasterTag offers a new Premium XL Hang Tag, which features two-sided printing for more important information. Hang it on a basket or attach it to a label stick. Premium XL offers a consistent look with other tags in the MasterTag XL line. More printable space allows for more information to be communicated to the gardener. Shape details: DN1822 (2 inches by 4.68 inches). MasterTag.com

The HipClip from HIP Labels

The HipClip
The HipClip, exclusively available from HIP Labels and New Christie Ventures, was developed in conjunction with several large U.S. nurseries. This next generation in tag display stakes addresses many performance limitations inherent with yesterday’s elevator stake options. The HipClip attaches to virtually any plastic nursery container and securing labels is quick and easy. Labels will not blow off in high winds.

A result of the unique attachment method allows label producers to ship printed labels in shorter time frames — and at reduced costs. The HipClip complements HIP’s Green product line with its exclusive label substrate, MilkMade. Both are produced with a blend of virgin and recycled plastics. The HipClip is proudly manufactured in the U.S. HIPLabels.com

Quickattach clips from Horticultural Marketing & Printing

Quickattach Clips
New Quickattach clips from Horticultural Marketing & Printing are the newest, best tools for tagging bushy greenhouse products. Made of a flexible, high-grade plastic, they quickly snap onto branches and stems. The clip’s patented arrow design firmly keeps tags in place, yet they can easily be flipped so consumers can read the reverse sides.
Quickattach clips are a cost-effective alternative to cumbersome wire ties, or elastic strings that are difficult to attach. They’re long lasting, weatherproof and resistant to cracking in cold or high-UV conditions. HortMP.com

Locktight Label Display Tags from Horticultural Marketing & Printing

Locktight Label Display Tags
New Locktight label display stakes from Horticultural Marketing & Printing are designed to stay firmly attached to pot lips, even with thin, thermoform pots. Growers no longer need to worry about these stakes falling out during shipping or at retail locations. They greatly increase the visibility of plant labels and come in 11- and 15-inch sizes. HortMP.com