New Foliage Pro Fertilizer Offers Complete Nutrition Plus Silicon

New Foliage Pro Fertilizer Offers Complete Nutrition Plus Silicon

Dyna-Gro Nutrition Solutions has developed a process it says is capable of keeping all 16 essential plant nutrients in solution form. The product, Foliage Pro, can be used in combination with a potassium-silicon supplement Pro-TeKt.

Most fertilizers on the market today are based on some variation of the N-P-K formula (nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium). However, plants require a total of 6 macronutrients and 10 micronutrients. Plants also require higher levels of calcium than phosphorus.


Because most commercial growers utilize hydroponics or soilless media, these elements are missing altogether and must be added for optimum plant growth. When growing plants in soil, there may be trace amounts of some, or all, of these 16 macro and micronutrients.  However, over time soils become increasingly depleted of many of these elements.

The difficulty in finding a complete nutrition formula has been solving the riddle of how to keep several of the macronutrients – notably calcium, sulfur and magnesium – in solution.

When combining calcium and sulfur, for example, in a concentrated solution they precipitate out as calcium sulfate.  Calcium sulfate is an industrial chemical used as a coagulant and desiccant, and occurs naturally as gypsum.

In addition to complete nutrition, silicon (Si) supplements are now being recognized as an essential element for optimum plant growth and health.

The benefits of silicon include greater tolerance of environmental stresses such as cold, heat, drought, salinity, mineral toxicity or deficiency, and provide improved growth rates, increased fertility (more blooms and fruit), accelerated root development on cuttings and improved resistance to insects and fungi.

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