5 Innovations In Pots And Trays

These offerings can help save water, streamline production or help make products stand out at the retail level. Read on for more information about the latest improvements in pot and tray technology.

AquaSav Hanging Baskets - Pride Garden Products

AquaSav Hanging Baskets – Pride Garden Products


AquaSav Hanging Baskets (Pride Garden Products)

Growers looking for an eco-friendly hanging basket will likely be interested in the bestselling AquaSav line from Pride Garden Products. While the Jute AquaSav is a popular option for growers and retailers alike, the company’s new Artisan line, which features water-saving, root-boosting AquaSav liners in plastic baskets, offers an eye-catching alternative to basic wire options.

“Our new Artisan hanging basket debuted at Cultivate ’15 and was a huge hit,” says Deborah Oesterling, vice president of sales. “The Plaid Artisan has a 3G soil volume, making it our largest hanging basket in the Artisan collection.”

Pride Garden also offers Vine and Rattan Woodland hanging baskets. pridegardenproducts.com


Custom-Tailored Capillary Mats - WaterPulse

Custom-Tailored Capillary Mats – WaterPulse

Custom-Tailored Capillary Mats (WaterPulse)

Whether they’re being used in unique growing areas, on shipping racks or at retail stores, WaterPulse offers Custom Mats in non-standard shapes and sizes. These capillary mats are designed to help grow crops as efficiently as possible. After being connected to a water source and timer, the mats water the plants by sending water to the roots and soil through the holes in the bottom of the containers. The best part about the custom-tailored option, however, is that the mats are designed and delivered with a client’s specific needs in mind.

“These custom-sized mats irrigate plants in exactly the same manner as the mats for growers; they differ only in their size and the method by which the water is delivered to the mats,” says Chief Operating Officer Mike Croy. “Watering by hand or overhead are the most common methods used at greenhouses and nurseries. Using WaterPulse capillary mats can save up to 70 percent of the water used by growers.” waterpulse.com

High-Gloss Finishes - Southern Patio

High-Gloss Finishes – Southern Patio

High-Gloss Finishes (Southern Patio)

Southern Patio’s team of in-house designers are focused on developing products based on trend relevance. The team’s latest efforts? Pots with high-gloss finishes. A more sophisticated look than the traditional wash, the high-gloss finishes mimic the traditional gloss finish of a ceramic pot but can include different patterns and textures. At Southern Patio, however, the trendy designs won’t stand in the way of the pot’s overall durability.

“Our engineers are focused on functionality and creating optimal products for grower-style production,” says Director Of Marketing Patrick Guillory. “The products must fit growers’ need and the needs at retail.” southernpatio.com


MDF Coverpot Series - Pöppelmann

MDF Coverpot Series – Pöppelmann

MDF Coverpot Series (Pöppelmann)

Pöppelmann’s MDF coverpot series gives growers an opportunity to create unique, eye-catching labels that set their plants apart at retail. The secret is in the in-mold labeling process. Unlike typical stick-on labels or post-production tags, the label is added during the molding process, creating an inseparable label and pot. This process has been used in the food packaging sector, but greenhouse professionals are catching on. When the line was introduced at IMP 2015, it garnered incredible interest.

“You can design any type of label you want,” says Sales Manager David Jones. “It gives growers a lot of flexibility.” poppelmann.com

FlexiTrays - Grow-Tech

FlexiTrays – Grow-Tech

FlexiTrays (Grow-Tech)

FlexiTrays are a ready-to-use system of trays filled with stabilized growing media that help growers tackle everything from seed germination to rooting cuttings. The media is comprised of peat, organic materials and a foam binder, allowing for easier transplanting, less greenhouse mess and seamless control over the production process.

Now available in 288, 384 and 512 sizes for the seedling market, Grow-Tech continues to innovate with improved formulas and products that integrate easily with automation equipment. grow-tech.com