Check Out The Latest In Lighting Technology For Greenhouses

Check Out The Latest In Lighting Technology For Greenhouses

solarsystem-california-lightworksManufacturers are developing several innovative lighting systems that can help growers save on energy efficiency, while improving plant quality. Here’s a look at some of their newest offerings.

SolarSystem (California LightWorks)


SolarSystem from California LightWorks leverages the latest advances in solid state LED lighting and control technology to deliver an optimized light spectrum based on the type of plant and phase of growth. This results in lower energy costs, better yields, and faster returns on investment.

The SolarSystem’s robust design features intelligent spectrum controls that can be automatically programmed for an unlimited variety of crops and growing situations. It can be integrated with light sensors for optimal daylight harvesting.

Technical Details:
• Programmable spectrum control
• 400 watts actual draw at full power
• Lifetime: 50,000 hours
• Water-resistant fans
• Automatic voltage regulation: 90 to 277 volts
• Weight: 13 pounds.


plasma-grow-lighting-chameleonPlasma Grow Lighting (Chameleon)

Chameleon Plasma Grow Lighting is ideal for all stages of plant growth (seed germination, vegetation, and flowering), producing plants with more root mass, thicker stems, more green leaf matter, and accelerated internodal development. According to Chameleon, compared to 600-watt high pressure sodium lights, the 500-watt plasma lights offer:
• 22% less heat and power draw
• More yield per watt
• Increased chlorophyll levels
• Higher percentages of cannabinoids (in medicinal plants)
• Healthier, more disease-resistant plants
• No lamp changes, thanks to a 50,000-hour lifespan.


e60-series-heliospectraE60 Series (Heliospectra)

The E60 features fixed spectra optimized for increasing crop quality and yield. Choose the option best suited to your crop and growing environment. Designed in Sweden to handle harsh and changeable greenhouse conditions, the E60 provides growers with reliable high-quality light all year round.

Technical Details:
• Spectral Distribution: G Type: 450nm, 660nm, and 5700K white; C Type: 450nm, 660nm, 735nm, and 5700K white
• Power consumption: Up to 630 watts
• Photon flux (µmol/s): 862 to 1011 µmol/s (Photon flux value varies based on C or G Plate Type)
• Optics: E601 (Indoor)/E602 (Greenhouse); Made of high transparency, clear acrylic glass. No visible yellowing rates to 30 years
• Dimming: No
• Utility rebate eligible


lightbar-series-heliospectraLightBar Series (Heliospectra)

Heliospectra’s high-intensity, fixed-spectrum LED LightBar is specifically developed for multi-level growing environments and is easy to install. The LightBar is available with both water- and convection-cooled options. Scandinavia’s largest vertical farm relies on the Heliospectra LightBar to supply the highest-quality leafy greens and herbs throughout Europe.

Technical Details:
• Spectral distribution: G:Type: 450nm, 660nm, and 5700K white
• Cooling: Convection and water cooled
• Power consumption: Up to 96 watts
• Photon flux (µmol/s): up to 145 µmol/s


lx60-series-heliospectraLX60 Series (Heliospectra)

Growers can use Heliospectra LX60 lights to maximize year-round productivity and crop quality. This adjustable-spectra, high-intensity fixture features built-in technology that allows you to easily adapt the spectrum in real-time through the online interface.

Technical Details:
• Spectral Distribution: GType: 450nm, 660nm, and 5700K white; C Type: 450nm, 660nm, 735nm, and 5700K white
• Power consumption: 10.5 to 630 watts
• Photon flux (µmol/s): 862 to 1011 µmol/s (Photon flux value varies based on C or G Plate Type)
• Optics: LX601 (Indoor)/LX602 (Greenhouse); Made of high-transparency, clear acrylic glass. No visible yellowing rated to 30 years.
• Control interface: Web browser system for intuitive light recipe management
• Connectivity: Wifi and/or Ethernet
• Utility rebate eligible


powerharvest-w-illumitexPowerHarvest W (Illumitex)

The PowerHarvest W from lllumitex is designed and tested specifically for indoor growing operations. The F3 spectrum used in the PowerHarvest W was scientifically developed and patented for optimum plant growth for a variety of crops and developmental stages. The 5 Series emits 520 PPF using 300 watts, and the 10 series emits 1,040 PPF using 600 watts. The wireless controls option equips growers with the ability to control thousands of fixtures from a laptop or phone.

Technical Details:
• Precision-machined die extrusions and stainless-steel fasteners protect against corrosion in damp environments
• Ultra-high efficient (94.5%), constant-current drivers are suitable for wet locations
• Wide angle (120°), multi-chip LED packages combine multiple wavelengths to create a spectrum ideal for various horticulture applications and needs
• Highly efficient, AR-coated, tempered-glass lenses protect LEDs while allowing 98% transmission of photons.
• Weight: 5 series is 21.2 pounds; 10 series is 25.2 pounds
• 120° beam angle
• 50,000 hour life to L70
• Five-year warranty
• Rated to 40°C ambient operating temperature.


pro-series-e-led-lighting-systems-lumigrowPro Series E LED Lighting Systems (LumiGrow)

The newly enhanced LumiGrow Pro Series E fixture delivers spectral ratios that can make plants thrive. The Pro Series fixture has been improved with up to 20% more light output to optimize healthy plant responses, boost yields, and reduce costs. Included with the Pro Series E fixture is the upgraded SmartPAR control module so growers can feel at ease when accessing LumiGrow’s SmartPAR wireless control system to manage their production areas with lighting zones from anywhere, anytime.

Technical Details:
• Up to 70% in energy savings versus high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting
• Unleash “light as a growth variable” through full-spectrum control
• Runs up to 70% cooler than HID Lighting
• Small hardware footprint to minimize plant canopy shadowing
• RoHS compliant (mercury and lead-free)
• Five–year warranty
• White light view mode.


smartpar-wireless-control-system-lumigrowSmartPAR Wireless Control System (LumiGrow)

SmartPAR, a cloud-based, wireless lighting control system, enables growers to create and manage lighting zones to automate light intensity, spectrum, and photoperiods for different crops and crop stages. SmartPAR is simple to install and easy to use. Access the SmartPAR system via any web-enabled device to begin harnessing the power of spectrum control. Now standard with new LumiGrow Pro Series E fixtures, explore the possibilities of crop lighting as a growth variable to control plant morphology, flowering onset, harvest times, and quality.


led-lighthouse-newluxLED Lighthouse (Newlux)

The Newlux LED Lighthouse is designed for growers looking to maximize plug quality and production. It features adjustable controls over both intensity and power, giving operators the flexibility to speed up or slow down production. The Lighthouse, along with the number of LED bars, can be fully customized to meet the needs of your shelf or rack specifications. The light bars are also fully height adjustable including swivel functionality to ensure perfect coverage. It is capable of housing 15,000 to 25,000 plugs (crop dependent) in less than 20 square feet of greenhouse production floor space.

Technical Details:
• System Power Consumption: 1,400 Watts
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 54.41 inches x 35.28 inches x 84.65 inches
• Weight: 143 pounds
• Heat Sink Type: Water cooling by free air convention
• Body: Aluminum
• Water Spray: Mist nozzle, 96 pcs double side
• Water Usage: 4.2 liters/minute
• Lamp Angle: 60 degrees
• Life Span: More than 50,000 hours.


beamflicker-parsourceBeamflicker (PARsource)

PARsource’s Beamflicker is an innovative and efficient photoperiod control light system. The Beamflicker has an oscillating parabolic reflector with a high-intensity sodium lamp that broadcasts beams of light from one end of the greenhouse to the other, providing intermittent light across the entire crop. It can cover up to a 30-feet by 80-feet area, depending on wattage and hanging height, and delivers enough light throughout a greenhouse to meet long-day photoperiod requirements. The Beamflicker is CSA-certified and available in multiple configurations of wattage and voltage.

Technical Details:
• Aluminum diffuser
• Aluminum motor housing with 8-foot grounded power supply cord (120V only)
• High-intensity sodium lamp (400 watt, 600 watt, or 1,000 watt)
• Prewired with a 15-foot cord set (ballast to unit)
• Input voltage options: 120/240
• Dimensions (L x Wx H): 12 inches x 20 inches x 10 inches


double-ended-light-system-parsourceDouble-Ended Light System (PARsource)

The PARsource Commercial DE Light System is flexible, economical, and powerful. An internal electronic microprocessor allows the ballasts to run at a higher frequency, creating higher lumen output. The double-ended bulbs provide a higher level of Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD), and are longer lasting, while consuming the same amount of energy as single-ended bulbs. The open reflector creates uniform spread, while the enclosed reflector creates focused directional lighting. The fixture comes in multiple voltages with boost and dimmable options, has smart shut-off technology, and can operate as an attached or remote unit.


phantom-cmh-315w-ballast-parsourcePhantom CMh 315W Ballast (PARsource)

The Phantom CMh 315W Ballast is the premium CMh ballast in the PARsource line. It is a low frequency, square-wave digital ballast designed specifically for the 315W ceramic halide lamp. It features internal RF shielding, multi-aspect protection circuitry, versatile input voltage, and patented lamp depreciation control. The Phantom CMh can be remotely mounted up to 10 feet away from the reflector using optional lamp cord extensions. The Phantom CMh ballast includes an 8-foot 120V power cord or optional 240V power cord. It comes with a three-year warranty.

Technical Details:
• Low frequency, multi-voltage (120V/208V/240V) square wave technology
• Internal RF shielding
• Multi-aspect protection circuitry
• Photosynthetic Photon Flux: 1.95 umols/s
• Longevity: 90% output at 8,000 hours
• 20,000 hour average life
• Lamps available in 4200K and 3100K


greenpower-led-flowering-lamp-philips-lightingGreenPower LED Flowering Lamp (Philips Lighting)

This is an energy-saving replacement for incandescent lamps to extend day length and to break winter dormancy. The Flowering Lamp stimulates vegetative growth while combating budding. The lamps have a standard E26 medium bulb base — a direct replacement of lamps in your existing installation without need for modification.


greenpower-led-production-module-philips-lightingGreenPower LED Production Module (Philips Lighting)

The Philips GreenPower LED production module is ideal for multi-layer cultivation in growing environments with little or no daylight. Due to the minimal heat generated by the LED modules, the need for an expensive cooling system is eliminated, allowing closer placement of rows and more efficient and profitable use of growing space.


greenpower-led-toplighting-philips-lightingGreenPower LED Toplighting (Philips Lighting)

An energy-efficient alternative for supplemental light needs, Philips LED toplighting delivers the photons crops need for faster rooting, compact growth, and healthier looking plants. Low wattage and high light output provides a significant boost in lighting power without requiring an expensive overhaul of electrical wiring in the greenhouse. LED toplighting lasts up to three times longer than high-pressure sodium lights.



hortiled-inter-pl-light-systemsHortiLED INTER (PL Light Systems)

HortiLED INTER is a unique optical design that allows for the best possible combination of light intensity and distribution along the vertical plane of high-wire crops like tomatoes or cucumbers. The HortiLED INTER delivers up to 125 μmol/m2.s uniformly to the top surface of the leaves, even at the lowest levels of the canopy. The narrow-profile modules are also designed to provide optimal heat management, enabling close-to-canopy mounting without any burning. The HortiLED INTER can be used as standalone system or in combination with one of PL Light System’s top lighting solutions, providing flexibility and optimum lighting control throughout the growing season.


hortiled-multi-pl-light-systemsHortiLED MULTI (PL Light Systems)

HortiLED MULTI is a small fixture that offers energy savings, allowing for maximum space utilization. The HortiLED MULTI is available in two module lengths and distribution options. Each option is designed to deliver optimum light levels and uniformity across the length and width of the shelf, while minimizing light loss off the sides of the shelf. Designed to deliver uniformity, the HortiLED MULTI ensures even illumination to each individual plant — regardless of its position in the layer. Multiple spectral options allow growers to tune the lighting according to the desired plant responses.


hortiled-multi-pl-light-systemsHortiLED TOP (PL Light Systems)

The HortiLED TOP delivers optimum performance and energy savings. The integrated fins on the top of each module are thermally and mechanically engineered to dissipate heat through conduction and convection paths, minimizing LED junction temperature and maximizing light output, lifetime, and reliability. Available in multiple distribution and spectral options, HortiLED TOP offers lighting design flexibility. Optional dimming allows for seamless integration with compatible control systems. A simple plug-and-play platform and multiple voltage options allow for quick and easy installation or retrofitting from traditional light sources.



commercial-grow-lights-simulightCommercial Grow Lights (SimuLight)

The LED-9640G series of commercial greenhouse lights are designed to improve production and quality. They are available in 150-watt (2 bar) or 600-watt (8 bar) configurations. These lights provide a 50% energy reduction and a long service life. The light bars can be rotated to allow fine-tuning of the beam position. The lights are designed to operate in tough conditions and are backed with a five-year warranty. The lights operate on 120 to 277 VAC, and they are UL-listed and have an IP65 rating (dust and water resistant)


modular-grow-light-simulightModular Grow Light (SimuLight)

The SimuLight Modular Grow lights provide excellent growing results for indoor growers. There are several models available from 180 watts to 540 watts. These panels provide great growing results and a significant reduction in heat load and energy consumption over high-intensity discharge lighting. The controller enables a 24-hour program to run, varying the spectrum and intensity over the course of the day.


veg-panels-simulightVeg Panels (SimuLight)

The SimuLight Veg Panels are available in 150-watt (2 feet by 2 feet) and 300-watt (2 feet by 4 feet) sizes. They provide excellent results in the vegetative phase of growing, are a great alternative to a fluorescent T5HO fixture, and can save energy and eliminate re-lamping costs. The panels operate on 120 to 277 VAC and provide a long service life.


totalgrow-night-and-day-management-boom-lighting-venntisTotalGrow Night & Day Management Boom Lighting (Venntis)

Growers can control the timing of their plants’ flowering by simulating long days with TotalGrow Night & Day Management Lights outfitted to irrigation booms. The lights cover approximately 400 square feet with each 11-watt light bulb for as little as 10 cents per squre foot with night interruption boom lighting.

Technical Details:
• Power consumption: 11 watts
• Input voltage: 100 to 120 VAC
• Power frequency: 60 Hz
• Light bulb diameter: 3.7 inches
• Service life: 20,000 hours
• Weight: 12 ounces
• Rating: Damp.