Climate Screens Offer Both Form and Functional Benefits

Svensson-Deco-Harmony-Screen-Color-OptionsSvensson is not only a leader in developing climate-screen technology for greenhouses, it also has a long history of offering textile solutions for interior spaces. Turning this innovation into practice, Svensson’s new collection of garden center screens combine form and function, presenting an opportunity to add a new dimension to the customer experience in garden centers.

The Deco Climate Screens, a further development of Svensson’s light-diffusing Harmony screen range, provide shade and help spread light evenly. Designed for garden centers, Deco Harmony screens not only have an attractive appearance, they also serve a functional purpose by uniformly spreading sunlight, while contributing to a comfortable indoor climate throughout the day. When the temperature outside drops, the Deco Harmony screens preserve heat, creating better conditions for plants while saving energy.


Climate Control Function and Energy-Saving Benefits
• Light-diffusing capabilities allow sunlight to reach deeper into the plant and reduce shadowing
• The screens create a comfortable indoor climate with pleasant shading and cooling when it’s hot outside
• Better growing conditions for plants while maximizing energy savings, with a 45% to 47% energy savings potential.

Svensson-Deco-Harmony-ScreensDesign Benefits

With four colors to choose from, grower-retailers can create an ambiance that encourages customers to stay longer and potentially buy more. All colors are easy to match with a garden center’s interior design and brand colors.

Shade levels range from 77% to 84%, depending on the color. While Deco Harmony screens provide functional climate performance, the different colors don’t influence the crop performance with respect to colored light alteration.

The flame-retardant properties of Deco Harmony screens allow garden centers to meet strict fire codes and safety regulations. Each of the four colors are available in rolling and sliding versions, allowing for more installation flexibilities.

Svensson’s first Deco Harmony climate screens have been installed in garden centers in the Netherlands and at Springdale Farms in Cherry Hill, NJ, which is among the first early adopters of the screens in the U.S. All Svensson Deco Harmony screens are produced in-house.