Dramm Extends Helping Hands in the Greenhouse

Dramm’s Handi-Reach Handles can be found in many greenhouses, designed to reach across a bench or up to a basket to water. Already available in a variety of sizes, the company is looking to further expand on the handy product.

For years, Dramm has offered custom length handles up to 12 feet long. However, UPS won’t take boxes longer than 6 feet, causing these custom tools to ship via common carrier at greater expense.


Dramm is now introducing its Telescoping Handi-Reach Handles in both standard bend and hanging-basket bend. The new Handles extend from 50 inches to 80 inches to reach further, but still be compact enough to ship and store.

Specs on Dramm Corp.'s telescoping Hands-Reach handles

Specs on Dramm’s new Telescoping Hands-Reach handles.
Photo courtesy of Dramm

The new Telescoping Handi-Reach Handles will begin shipping in November and be available at Dramm distributors worldwide.

For more information, visit Dramm.com.