IUNU Introduces New Greenhouse Tomato Imaging System

IUNU Tomato Vine Imaging SystemAfter years of research and development, IUNU unveiled its new imaging system for tomato growers at this week’s Indoor Ag Con in Las Vegas. The technology can be used by growers to collect comprehensive crop data from fruit to flower. Combined with the LUNA AI software platform, it is one of the most detailed imaging and analysis system on the market.

The tomato imaging system from IUNU is unique from other devices. IUNU’s imaging mast varies from 10 to 15 feet tall, with up to 14 cameras, collecting data from the entire vine. This flexibility gives growers the ability to design the right solution for their crop type. The patented solution also uses stereo vision, collecting 3D information from the imagery collected. With this information, LUNA AI provides growers with new data and new value.


With the innovative new mast imaging system, growers are collecting 10 times more data than with other imaging solutions. The data feeds four modules — Crop Counts, Issue Detection, Crop Steering (Automated Crop Registration & Leaf Area Index), and Forecasting — enabling growers to drive up to a 14% increase in profits.

“Tomato growers want a solution that works. They want to use computer vision to help them forecast better, to detect issues faster, and to enable data-driven decision making,” says Ethan Takla, Chief Technology Officer at IUNU. “To do that, we have to collect great data, we have to be able to analyze that data, and most importantly, we have to deliver actionable insights from that data. This new imaging system is best-in-class at data collection.”

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