New Irrigation Technology Helps You Maximize Your Water Use

From microsprinklers to nozzles to pressure regulators, irrigation suppliers are focused on helping growers save water and control the flow of their irrigation systems. Here’s a look at some of their latest offerings (check out the slideshow, then read more about each product below).




S5 Spinner (Nelson Irrigation)

Nelson Irrigation’s new S5 Spinner is an inverted microsprinkler that can hang from a poly tube.
• With a pressure range from 15 to 40 psi, the S5 Spinner has a radius of 9 to 13 feet, while only using 9½ to 24 gallons per hour.
• Both standard and flow control nozzles are also available in the S5, allowing for a huge range of application rates.

Aquamat System (Soleno Textiles)

The Aquamat sub-irrigation system has been tested by several universities and independent organizations to verify water and fertilizer savings of up to 80%, and labor savings of up to 92%, compared to handwatering. The technology prevents algae development, and its evaporation block layer helps reduce evaporation.

Irrigation system specifications:
• Drip tape flow rate: 1.35 grams per minute per 100 feet
• Mat water holding capacity: 2.1 gallons per square yard

Equipment required:
• 3/4-inch diameter polyethylene water header
• Pressure regulator at 12 psi
• Mesh filter 120 to 200 mesh

Pressure Regulators (Nelson Irrigation)

Nelson Irrigation pressure regulators are used in greenhouse applications that require uniform pressure and performance from the irrigation system.
• With sizes of ½ inch, ¾ inch, and 1 inch, Nelson regulators and mini regulators can handle entire line flows, down to individual sprinkler heads.
• In the mini regulators, offerings include a combination mini regulator and drain check, a mini regulator only, and a mini drain check only.
• The drain check feature prevents line dripping and drainage over walkways and sensitive plants.

ProDrain (HortiMax)

ProDrain provides precision irrigation control and information on crop transpiration, ensuring your crop receives the exact amount of water it needs.
• It continuously measures the irrigation and drain water volume, and the weight of the substrate and your crop.
• Based on changes in weight, specially designed software calculates the crop’s growth, transpiration rate, and water uptake.
• ProDrain precisely monitors the saturation or undersaturation level of the substrate to determine saturation weight each time water leaves the substrate.
• ProDrain can measure growth in hanging crops such as high-wire tomatoes or cucumbers. By monitoring weight over a prolonged period of time, you can determine whether the fruit load is satisfactory or adjustments need to be made.

Capillary Irrigation Mats (WaterPulse)

WaterPulse’s unique technology allows water to penetrate the root zone first, maximizing uptake, and minimizing waste.
• With WaterPulse technology, plants only need six three-minute cycles of watering a day, depending on location and temperature.
• Needle-like injectors infuse water into the capillary fiber of the mats, distributing it evenly through the bottoms of containers and directly into the root zone of the plants.
• Custom-sized mats can be made to fit shipping racks, retail displays, and other special growing configurations.

Green Spin Microsprinkler (Jain Irrigation)

The Green Spin dripless microsprinkler has a bridgeless design that eliminates both dripping on the plants below and dry spots. The swivel design produces a flat trajectory, keeping objects dry above the nozzle level.
• Six nozzles and four anti-mist devices produce 10 flow rates to choose from.
• Multiple swivels produce a wide variety of diameters.
• It can be assembled and disassembled in the field.
• Works with overhead irrigation for greenhouse and hoop house applications.
• Made of durable plastic for long-term field operations.
• Clog resistant due to large water passages.

SpinNet Sprinkler (Netafim)

Netafim SpinNet sprinklers produce high levels of watering uniformity with dripless sprinklers specifically designed for a full range of bedding plant applications.
• Automating with sprinklers instead of handwatering bedding plants, seedlings, and potted perennials reduces labor costs and improves efficiency and plant quality.
• Plants located below the sprinklers are not damaged from water dripping off the sprinkler. Sprinklers hang below the supply pipe, preventing wetting of the pipe and dripping onto the plants below.

PCAS Low-Flow Irrigation System (Dramm)

The Pressure Compensating, Anti-Siphoning (PCAS) Drippers low-flow irrigation system from Dramm is designed for even watering of potted plants, greenhouse vegetables, and hanging baskets. The PCAS’ emitter, with its large body, allows for a wider pressure reduction labyrinth, reducing clogging as more particulate will pass through the emitter.
• Emitter sizes (barbed or barrel outlet) range from 2 liters to 12 liters.
• The polybutylene body is made of technical plastic for long life.
• A silicone diaphragm regulates flow between 15 and 50 psi.
• The slim weight is heavy without being bulky and won’t catch on plants or basket hangers.
• A zinc alloy offers density without lead.

Enhanced Water Distribution System (Magnation Water Technologies)

Magnation Water Technologies’ Rainbolt enhances distribution of water for faster hydration and nutrient absorption. Growers can promote healthy soils with improved infiltration and moisture retention, boosting plant vigor and higher yields while cutting back water requirements by 20%. Improve solubility of inputs for optimal nutrient delivery. Solve hard water issues by keeping pipes, emitters, and equipment free of mineral scale buildup.