New Lighting Series is Adaptable to Several Environments

New Lighting Series is Adaptable to Several Environments


NeoPAR 5 Bar

Illumitex recently unveiled its latest innovation in horticulture lighting: the NeoPAR series. This light was specifically developed for high light levels in vertical or low-mounted spaces. The series is available with a number of options, including a five-bar system for propagation and vegetation, and a seven-bar system for flowering/fruiting.


Designed, tested, and manufactured in Austin, TX, the series is the thinnest light on the market, with an onboard power source, eliminating the need to wire remote drivers while still giving the flexibility to add additional levels depending on crop and desired results. It offers optimal light uniformity as close as 6 inches from the top of the canopy.


NeoPAR 7 Bar

The NeoPAR, named for a new (neo) way to achieve PAR (photosynthetically active radiation), will be available in a variety of options including high and low voltage, and varying output levels and spectra, giving growers the flexibility to select the solution that best fits their operational requirements. The product also arrives fully assembled, saving facilities money on installation.

During its initial launch, Illumitex will offer the NeoPAR with its latest spectrum, the X6 spectrum, which was developed to maximize results in an indoor controlled environment setting. This full spectrum maximizes red and blue nanometer wavelengths to allow for optimal chlorophyll A and B absorption with a balance of green wavelengths to allow much deeper canopy penetration. Specifically formulated for indoor grow environments, this spectrum fosters photosynthesis in all stages, from propagation to flowering.

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