Take Your Data Management To The Next Level

Take Your Data Management To The Next Level

ET Grow from Extreme TechnologyTime is perhaps the most critical resource at any greenhouse operation. With the madness of the growing and shipping seasons, there are tools you can rely on to improve efficiencies, save money, and — yes — save time.

With that in mind, greenhouse software providers have been hard at work introducing new systems designed to help you meet each of these goals, and more. Here’s a look at seven of the latest solutions on the market, and the benefits they can provide.


ET Grow (Extreme Technology)

ET Grow is a suite of web-based horticultural software solutions developed specifically for growers and breeders. Access ET Grow on any mobile device to view information on crops, plant trials, availability, rack inventory control, ordering, and retail management.

Trial Tracker, for example, is a quick and easy way to access, monitor, and measure the performance of plant trials throughout their duration.
• Use one system to collect and report data for trials from multiple breeders, providing greater knowledge for future buying decisions.
• Record data separately by zones or locations, allowing for different environmental testing
• View trial recaps from weekly emails that are sent out to the growing team
• Use smartphone or web browser to collect data and/or images
• Maintain historical notes and images of trials from previous years
• Measure performance and grade each trial with the Retail Evaluation Report.