The Latest In Greenhouse Heating And Cooling Products

New developments in heating, cooling, ventilation, and humidity control technology are designed to help you manage your greenhouse environment more efficiently. Check out some of the latest offerings from leading manufacturers (all products are featured in the slideshow above).

Re-Verber-Ray UH And FA Series Heaters (Detroit Radiant Products)


The new Re-Verber-Ray UH and FA Series of gas-fired, tubular exchanger, induced-draft, hot-air heaters are now available from Detroit Radiant Products. This line of heaters features a traditional design with a durable, powder-coated, black enamel exterior and stainless steel louvers for an exceptional aesthetic appeal, and a swept-wing impeller with finger-proof fan guards for low noise operation. Additional features include operational trouble-shooting lights and various mounting options. The UH and FA Series offers an out-of-the-box separated or power-vented combustion option.
Technical Details And Features:
• Btu range of 100,000 to 250,000
• Traditional low-profile design with durable, powder-coated black enamel
• Aluminized steel tubular heat exchangers
• Stainless steel discharge louvers
• Swept wing air propeller for noise reduction and efficient air movement
• Finger-proof fan guards are standard
• External operational trouble-shooting indicator lights are standard
• External thermostatic connection
• 100 MBH and 125 MBH models can be rotated 180°
• Approved separated combustion can be field converted to power vented without additional parts or cost
• Gas Type: Natural or propane
• Voltage: 120/60Hz VAC (primary); 24 VAC (thermostatic) – Single phase
• Vent Length: 3 feet to 40 feet
• Average air temperature rise: 50°F

Effinity Unit Heater (Modine)

Modine’s Effinity high-efficiency, condensing unit heater operates at up to 97% efficiency and allows growers to “save on energy costs with no effort,” according to the company.
Technical Details And Features:
• Available in 10 models, ranging from 55,000 to 310,000 Btu per hour
• Features Modine’s high-grade stainless steel Conservicore Technology secondary heat exchanger
• Decreases CO2 emissions by a minimum of 15% versus other unit heaters
• Creates an even temperature environment to guard against mold and maintain a uniformed wall to wall temperature
• Manufactured in Buena Vista, VA.

V-FloFan Multifan (Vostermans)

The new Next Generation Multifan V-FloFan from Vostermans produces 50% less noise and uses up to 40% less energy than the previous V-FloFan ventilator. With a specially designed, aerodynamic outflow cap, the V-FloFan recirculates heat in the greenhouse via a vertical airflow. As a result, heat is reintroduced at the level of the plant, making it possible to reduce pipe temperature and minimize energy loss. The V-FloFan circulates air horizontally and vertically, creating an optimum and uniform climate at the plant level. With the help of the V-FloFan, growers can manage the humidity at plant level and avoid damage caused by differences in humidity.
• The V-FloFan can be used for a variety of crops (low/medium/high) and in greenhouses with or without screens or assimilation lighting.
• The noise level of the new Next Generation model has been reduced by 50% to a very low level of 45 dB(a), allowing the ventilator to provide an almost silent working environment.
• Energy consumption of the ventilator has been reduced by up to 40%, allowing it to fit seamlessly into an energy-efficient cultivation concept.

MicroClimate System (BioTherm)

The MicroClimate system from BioTherm is used for bench and floor heating. MicroClimate tubing is flexible, durable, and formulated to be ultra-violet and chemical resistant. Its smaller diameter allows for closely spaced loops, providing a uniform and conductive heating surface.

Raypak XFyre High Efficient Boiler (BioTherm)

Raypak XFyre is the only condensing boiler (300 to 850 MBTUH) with CAS outdoor certification. It features installation flexibility, high efficiency, a space-saving footprint, direct vent capability, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) venting, and full-service access.

DeltaCool Fan Coil (Delta T Solutions)

Growing operations rely on precise control of temperature and humidity. Chilled water cooling with the DeltaCool Fan Coil process circulates chilled water through a loop piping system, then forces water through a heat exchanger, to draw out warm air and cool it for healthy growing. This space- and energy-saving system is computer controlled so that each growing room has a tightly controlled, clean growing environment. By hanging the chiller system overhead, growers can save space and get highly efficient and sophisticated environmental control of temperature and humidity.
Technical Details And Features:
• Precise space air temperature control without removal of humidity from air
• Controls humidity to reduce diseases
• Two sizes available: 2.5- and 5-ton models
• Efficient design for overhead suspension for hanging to save space, with easy access for maintenance and cleaning
• Quiet, low-cost operation that saves up to 35% in energy costs
• Galvanized and stainless-steel construction stands up to tough greenhouse or warehouse growing conditions
• Front air discharge with bottom air inlet
• Drain pan complies with indoor air quality standards and is double sloped to fully remove condensation and prevent mold growth.

HVLS Ceiling Fans (SkyBlade Fans)

SkyBlade Fans is offering two new series of ceiling fans. The STOL Series is available in 12- to 24-foot diameters utilizing a six airfoil system, which can deliver upward of 260,000 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM). The smallest model of these industrial cooling fans covers 11,300 square feet, while the largest in the range covers more than 45,000 square feet. The ST3 Series is available in 8- to 14-foot diameters using a three airfoil system and is able to move an impressive volume of air, upward of 60,000 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM). The smallest model of these industrial cooling fans covers 2,827 square feet, while the largest in the range covers more than 15,300 square feet. SkyBlade Fans can deliver 20% to 30% savings in HVAC costs, which creates, in most cases, a return on investment of less than two years.

SF-50 Steam-Flo Steam Generator (Sioux Corp.)

The Sioux SF-50 Steam-Flo is a low-pressure steam boiler (15 PSI Max) that produces 1,725 pounds per hour of continuous saturated steam vapor for soil sterilization, container sterilization, devitalization of plant material, and steam-heating applications.

Therma Grow Direct-Fired Heaters (L.B. White Company)

The Therma Grow 120, a 120,000 Btu, clean-burning, direct-fired heater, offers 20% better fuel efficiency than traditional heaters. These units are easy to use, have enclosed controls, and double as CO2 generators. The Therma Grow Plus models provide greater heat management features, including two-stage temperature control and heating and air circulation modes.

The Therma Grow 220 direct-fired heater offers 220,000 Btu’s of clean heat and doubles as a CO2 generator. Therma Grow heaters have no heat chamber to rust out and can be mounted inside or outside of the greenhouse. Therma Grow Plus models have a Tri-Shield case, as well as other output features.

Silver Bullet Heaters (Heat Star By Enerco)

Silver Bullet Heaters have CO2 generators and are 99% fuel-efficient. They run on natural gas or liquid propane and have a stainless-steel shell and burner. (400,000 Btu = 200 foot throw; 250,000 Btu = 150 foot throw).

EZD 52 Rack + Pinion (Lock Drives Inc.)

Lock Drives’ split steel rack and pinion unit is for roof or side vents in all kinds of greenhouses.
• Interlocking, one-inch, two-piece steel pinion, and a push-to-lock plastic housing, works as a bearing and sliding block for the rack.
• Racks are available in various lengths, straight or curved.
• Made from galvanized steel with a 3 mm wall thickness.
The EZD 52 Rack + Pinion unit allows for quick replacement without disassembly of the drive shaft. It is compatible with a standard steel rack and pinion.

Typhoon Exhaust Fan (J&D Manufacturing)

The Typhoon’s 42 inch slant-wall exhaust is designed for exceptional performance, low maintenance, and low operating cost for horticultural applications. Its heavy gauge galvanized housing and X-frame motor-mount provide a solid structure. The aluminum shutter has a tie bar and galvanized shutter clips to hold it tight for less vibration.
Technical Details And Features:
• Heavy-duty, 18-gauge galvanized housing
• Rugged X-frame motor-mount for stability and quiet operation
• Ships fully assembled except shutter and/or cone.

The Louver Lifter (The Greenhouse Company)

The Louver Lifter is The Greenhouse Company’s most recent innovation toward better greenhouse ventilation. The Louver Lifter is a dual force lever arm operated by an electric louver motor. It will open louvers against the pressure of fans when other types of lever arm designs will not.