PanAmerican Seed Expands Indoor Vegetable Offerings

PanAmerican Seed Expands Indoor Vegetable Offerings

PanAm Kitchen Minis TomatoPanAmerican Seed has purchased the Kitchen Minis program from Dalina Genetics, a Danish breeder of ornamental and edible plants. The purchase includes breeding lines, as well as commercial products of compact tomatoes and cucumbers.

The announcement comes only a few years after PanAmerican Seed’s acquisition of Ex-Plant. The new genetics from Dalina supplement PanAmerican Seed’s wide range of indoor edible peppers procured from Ex-Plant. The company can now offer a complete assortment of compact vegetables for growers worldwide.


“Urban and small-space gardening is a strong trend around the world, especially by younger consumers,” says Sean Valk, Global Sales Director of PanAmerican Seed. “With the innovative breeding these new genetics bring, partnered with our best distribution of seeds, there’s real potential to take this segment to the next level.”

Besides their compact growth habit, which eliminates the use of growth-regulating chemicals, the Kitchen Minis’ taste and shelf life at retail has been an important aspect of continued breeding.

Ongoing development will remain in Denmark, where it will be merged into PanAmerican Seed-DK (formerly Ex-Plant A/S). Dalina breeder Hans Henrik Kampmann will lead the program until it is fully integrated into PanAmerican Seed.

“We are excited to see Kitchen Minis added to the PanAmerican Seed assortment,” Kampmann says. “The industry is already familiar with these great genetics, and within PanAmerican Seed they will be available for even more growers and consumers.”

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