Stand-Out New Varieties That Keep D.S. Cole Growers Competitive

Stand-Out New Varieties That Keep D.S. Cole Growers Competitive

D.S. Cole Growers’ (Loudon, NH) young plant program focuses on new products, such as the Senecio ‘Angel Wings,’ and specialty products such as its seasoned lines of Rex begonias, pot Alstroemeria, Gerberas, tropicals, and succulents.

“To be on top of our game, we constantly look for new trends and varieties. Not only does this involve finding new plants, it’s also about building relationships with breeders,” says Doug Cole, President and Owner of D.S. Cole Growers. “We trial many hundreds of new plant varieties each year, with the goal of bringing in a hundred or fewer new plants.”


Here are a few of the notable newer varieties Cole recommends:

Calibrachoa Chameleon Series

“These calibrachoa have a perfect habit with good flower power. The flower colors and patterns are unique with variations in appearance throughout the season.”

Senecio ‘Angel Wings’

“This plant is memorable for its velvety white leaves that shine in the sun. It is hard to not touch the soft leaves.”


Echeveria ‘First Lady,’ E. ‘Parva,’ E. ‘Purple Pearl Von Nurnberg,’ Kalanchoe thyrsifolia, and Faucaria make outstanding collections. They are quite different in both color and texture. Most importantly, they all grow fast enough to fill pots for quick sales.”

Cordyline ‘Torbay Dazzler’

“While not a new variety, this gorgeous Cordyline can now be produced properly from tissue culture.”
Geranium Combos: “Two different combos stand out as finished plants: ‘Calliope Large Dark Red’ with ‘Cascade White,’ and ‘Calliope Medium Red’ with ‘Calliope Medium White.’”


“It used to be all about either orange or yellow Thunbergia. We now have many color choices with the hottest new color being ‘Arizona Rose Sensation.’”

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