5 Stops, 5 Standout Varieties & Programs

'Sun Parasol Garden Crimson' from Suntory

Sun Parasol Garden Crimson Mandevillas (Suntory Flowers)


Mandevillas are one of Suntory Flowers’ many staples. Now, Suntory is offering something highly unique in mandevillas with the first bedding plant version. One of coolest features of this introduction is its scarlet container companion that has all the details consumers need for succeeding with Garden Crimson in their garden – no labels are really even necessary.

Plug Connection’s Mighty Mato

The grafted tomatoes have been an exciting development for Plug Connection, which adds 20 new Might varieties this year. Six peppers and three eggplants are among the new introductions.

‘Santa Cruz Sunset’ Begonia boliviensis (Benary)

The first boliviensis from seed is the most exciting introduction this year from Benary. ‘Santa Cruz Sunset’ looked as good as it could this week in Southern California’s ideal conditions. We’ll see how the begonia performs away from sunny SoCal. If its flower power proves to be long lasting, growers will pounce on this variety for the seed input. A bonus for growers is that there’s no royalty fee associated with Sunset.

‘Superbells Lemon Slice’ (Proven Winners)

Proven Winners experienced so much demand for Cherry Star, a Superbells variety it introduced in 2012, that the calibrachoa quickly became the company’s number one-selling Superbells. Proven Winners sounds equally optimistic about the possibilities for this latest Superbells variety, banking on its unique pinwheel-patterned flower for yet another success story with a novelty.

Ecke Edibles (Paul Ecke Ranch)

We keep hearing about the tremendous demand from consumers for herbs and vegetables. Now, Ecke Ranch is getting in on the action, introducing Ecke Edibles for 2013. Ecke Ranch is still evaluating a number of varieties from Hishtil, the Israeli breeder whose genetics will represent the program. But once the grower/breeder determines which varieties are best, it’s likely to compete with some of the other vegetable programs on the market.