Field Day Attendees Get First Look at NewGen Boxwood

NewGen BoxwoodSaunders Brothers Nursery’s NewGen Boxwood development team hosted new licensees at the first annual NewGen Boxwood Field Day in Virginia in October. Joining the NewGen and Saunders Brothers team were 12 attendees from nine different nurseries, along with several researchers and industry professionals.

The day featured technical talks on the latest boxwood research, tours of both field and container production, information talks about the NewGen program, and more. The Field Day provided an opportunity for licensees to connect with one another, and for NewGen and Saunders Brothers to learn more about the team it is working with to launch the brand.


Licensees learned effective methods of producing the plants while getting to see them in a traditional production set-up. Most attendees will be receiving liners this fall or next spring, with the expectation of selling finished material the following year. The Field Day gave visitors a chance to get a sneak preview of what’s to come in the NewGen program.

Several of the technical talks highlighted best management practices regarding growing cleaner boxwood. Dr. Chuan Hong from Virginia Tech spoke on his latest research projects on boxwood blight, including his findings for using mulch as a preventative against this pernicious disease. Robert Saunders discussed the phytosanitary practices put into effect at Saunders Brothers Nursery, which are aimed at producing cleaner boxwood. Other talks included more details about the program and how Saunders Brothers plans to share its story with the industry.

NewGen Boxwood plants will be on sale starting in 2020.