Hot Pink Wave-Rave Van Making Its Way To The Big Apple To Promote Wave Petunias And Pansies

Wave Petunias Team And GG Staff

Ball Horticultural Co.’s Claire Watson and Katie Rotella, driving the hot-pink, petunia-and-pansy-adorned, Wave-Rave van, stopped by to visit Meister Media Worldwide on their way to a media tour and plant giveaway in New York City.

Imagine driving down the road, minding your own business, when you’re passed by two smiling, waving, happy women driving a hot-pink van that’s adorned with petunia and pansy flowers. That’s not something you see every day, but motorists in the Midwest and Northeast may catch a glimpse of the Wave-Rave van this week as Ball Horticultural Co.’s Claire Watson, Product Marketing Manager, and Katie Rotella, Marketing Communications Manager, make their way to a media tour and plant giveaway in New York City.


Watson and Rotella visited Cleveland’s WOIO Channel 19 news on Tuesday morning to tell consumers about Wave Petunias and Wave Pansies, and remind them to visit their local garden centers to purchase gifts for Mother’s Day this weekend. Check out this clip on Periscope.

After the morning news, the ladies stopped by to visit the Greenhouse Grower staff at Meister Media Worldwide in Willoughby, OH. Next stop: Chelsea Garden Center in Brooklyn, NY, where Wave Petunias is collaborating with Garden State Growers and Chelsea Garden Center to throw a Petunia Party on Wednesday evening. The Williamsburg location is “kicking off May in a big way” with Kelly Edwards of Design on a Dime. Party goers will learn about small-space gardening and take home a Wave petunia.

Thursday will see Katie Rotella and her PR team visiting community centers, fire stations, police stations, and other Brooklyn community hotspots, giving away Wave Petunia pots, while Claire Watson tours the New York media circuit, including Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, and other large consumer media platforms, to promote Wave Petunias before Mother’s Day.

Watson and Rotella say they are also hoping the Wave-Rave van makes it on the Today Show, so if you see it on TV, let us know!