KiwiFlora Joins Danziger and Syngenta-Backed ThinkPlants Marketing Initiative

Coprosma repens Golden Star (KiwiFlora)

Coprosma repens Golden Star (KiwiFlora)

ThinkPlants, the new marketing initiative bringing plants to the North American greenhouse industry, is expanding. Danziger and Syngenta Flowers North America are announced the addition of KiwiFlora genetics to the ThinkPlants family of products, joining the previous additions of Kapiteyn and Unex. The partnership combines innovative plant genetics with a cooperative marketing and supply strategy under a unified organization.


ThinkPlants offers growers a commitment to breeding a diverse mix of improved plant genetics, with a healthy supply chain of unrooted cuttings, bareroot plants, liners, bulbs, and seed. Each ThinkPlants partner brings expertise in plant breeding, horticulture, technical support, supply chain, sales, and marketing. Together, the companies offer sales and broker teams top-quality plant material.

Danziger and Syngenta offer their respective perennial portfolios in the U.S. and Canada under the ThinkPlants initiative. Kapiteyn b.v. of Breezand, the Netherlands, the breeder and supplier of Captain Callas, provides top-quality bulbs to the program. Unex USA, LLC, a supplier of bareroot perennials and bulbs from Holland, offers top quality bare root perennials and bulbs in North America for ThinkPlants. KiwiFlora, a global plant variety management company out of New Zealand, will add the Dianthus Scent from Heaven series to the ThinkPlants line up.

“ThinkPlants is a creative collaboration, with strong partners offering the highest-quality perennials, bulbs, and more,” says Joey Wiseman, Head of ThinkPlants. “In addition to providing access to a high-quality supply chain providing premium plant material, we are also focusing on bringing in new genetics for the North American market and providing top-notch customer service. We are committed to making perennial programs easier and more efficient for growers, brokers, and retailers.”