NewGen Boxwood Developers Tell the Story Behind the Plant

Boxwood-Blight-at-Saunders-Brothers NewGen BoxwoodSaunders Genetics, LLC, the company behind the boxwood blight-resistant NewGen Boxwood, has debuted a new video, “NewGen Boxwood- The Boxwood Revolution,” that is now available to the commercial horticulture industry.

The first-person video details the story of how Saunders Brothers Nursery became aware of the devastation of boxwood blight and other boxwood challenges in the early 2000s, and the ensuing actions that led to the development and introduction this year of the NewGen Boxwood program.


“An important part of bringing this brand to the marketplace is educating growers, retailers, and gardeners on not only the challenge of blight and pests, but the hope that solutions are ahead,” says Bennett Saunders, General

Manager of Saunders Genetics, LLC. “We felt that telling the whole story from our perspectives and in our own words would emphasize our commitment and open the door to working with others in the industry to meet the challenges head on.”

The first two selections in the groundbreaking program, unveiled at Cultivate’19, will be available in early 2020. NewGen Independence and NewGen Freedom set the bar for future additions to the program with their high tolerance to boxwood blight, better resistance to boxwood leafminer, and “wow” factor in the garden.

In addition to Saunders Brothers Nursery, three NewGen licensees have signed on to grow and distribute the product line in 2020: Overdevest Nurseries in New Jersey, Prides Corner Farms in Connecticut, and Willoway Nurseries in Ohio. Other licensees will be added in 2020 and 2021 for wider availability across the country and internationally.