Three Michigan State University On-Demand Webinars Offer Effective Strategies For Insect And Disease Control On Vegetables

The first rule of effective insect and disease control for vegetables is to take action to prevent problems before they occur. What’s more, accurate identification of the insect or disease and a thorough understanding of insect life cycles and pathogen development helps pinpoint the real problem and find a solution that works. An integrated program that includes basics like resistant varieties, scouting, accurate diagnosis and sanitation will go a long way toward successful vegetable production in the greenhouse.

Michigan State University’s Integrated Pest Management Academy website offers prerecorded webinars for on-demand viewing that cover a variety of topics related to insect and disease management.


Three webinars to start with for insect and disease management strategies include:

Becoming An Insect Investigator: Interpreting Vegetable Pest Symptoms and Signs
Insect crop damage is a classic case of “whodunit.” Sometimes the culprit species is on the scene but is hidden amongst a diverse crowd of suspects, and sometimes they have fled the scene of the crime. Learn more about major pests of vegetables, how they damage crops and the signs they leave behind.

Tactics For Vegetable Disease Management
Learn about disease spread, diagnostics and management resources in this introductory webinar on vegetable disease management.

What’s Wrong With My Vegetable Plants?
Learn what can cause pest and disease issues in vegetable production and resources to help you properly identify and treat the cause.

To view these webinars and more, visit Michigan State University’s Integrated Pest Management Academy.