Seed-Plus-Vegetative Combos Now A Possibility

Synergy multiliner

A year ago, when Selecta introduced the Trixi 2.0 method which roots three different species together into one single-stuck multiliner, General Manager Stefan Reiner pointed out that the combo possibilities to come were potentially limitless.


This year, Ball Horticultural Company is taking a leap forward with Selecta’s innovation, introducing the first multiliners to feature both seed and vegetative species at the California Spring Trials. The innovation, called Synergy, falls under the relatively new Ball Ingenuity division.

“Using the 2.0 technology, we can sow seed in trays, stick cuttings and fuse them into one component,” says Kevin Roethle, the head of Ball Ingenuity.

All the combos on display Saturday at Ball were concepts that are still being evaluated, but Roethle says growers can expect selection announcements in June.

“We’ve started with 290 combinations,” Roethle says. “We’re trying plants like grasses, violas and some cool-season crops. There are so many different options in this program.”

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