Cultivate’17 Keynote Speaker Will Address Ways to Drive Your Business Forward

Cultivate’17 Keynote Speaker Will Address Ways to Drive Your Business Forward

Jon Gordon, Cultivate Speaker

Jon Gordon

The first keynote speaker for AmericanHort’s Cultivate’17, which takes place July 15-18 in Columbus, OH, has been announced. Headlining the event on Sunday, July 16, will be popular business management expert and author, Jon Gordon.


Gordon’s keynote will focus on lessons from his Wall Street Journal bestseller “The Energy Bus.” Businesses are looking for new ways to overcome challenges and adversity that are present in every workplace. The Energy Bus outlines Gordon’s approach to addressing and overwhelming those challenges with positive energy stemming from vision, trust, optimism, enthusiasm, and purpose. The result will be the ability to drive your company forward with focus and more engaged employees.

“The Energy Bus” principles and others from Gordon’s library of work, which include “The Seed,” “The Carpenter,” and “Training Camp,” have successfully been put to the test by professional and college sports teams, Fortune 500 companies, military academies, and many others. Now, green industry professionals can benefit from his experience and insights to approach life and work with the kind of positive thinking that leads to true accomplishment.

“With Cultivate’17 being bigger, better, and bolder, we sought out a keynote speaker to match that purpose,” says Ken Fisher, President and CEO of AmericanHort. “Jon Gordon is well-respected in the business world, and his strategies result in real changes for those who implement them. AmericanHort is committed to helping our members grow strong businesses.”

Throughout Cultivate‘17, several other professional development topics will be addressed, including:
• Employee engagement and human resource development
• Developing impactful sales and marketing programs
• Latest programs for pollinators
• New methods for developing green infrastructure
• Biocontrols and integrated pest management solutions
• Best practices in plant production
• Cutting edge production technology trends
• Advancements in plant varieties and selection
• Academic research updates from leading horticultural scientists
• Horticultural Research Institute advancements.

Each topic offers sessions led by the horticulture industry’s leading subject-matter experts, as well as some new faces from outside industries to bring new knowledge and a fresh perspective. Sessions will also be coded this year based on professional level — fundamental, intermediate, and progressive — so that entire teams can benefit and advance their professional development at any stage.

“We know that it can be challenging to find the right professional development opportunities for team members with different experience levels — that, and the fact that there’s a constant need for new information in our industry to help businesses advance,” says Gina Zirkle, AmericanHort’s Learning Resource Specialist. “This new professional development curriculum at Cultivate’17 means that it’ll be that much easier to find the right session for the exact challenge with the right solutions and ideas.”

Cultivate’17 registration will open March 7, 2017 at 11 a.m.