Royal Heins Weighs in on Overcoming Horticulture Industry Challenges

Royal Heins Feature

Royal Heins

This is the first installment of four special features honoring winners of Greenhouse Grower’s 2018 Medal of Excellence Awards. This month features our 2018 Medal of Excellence for Industry Achievement Honoree, Dr. Royal Heins. In the coming months, we will provide insights from the 2018 Gamechanger of the Year, Operation of the Year, and Head Grower of the Year. Special thanks to Title Sponsor MPS and WestRock for supporting Greenhouse Grower’s Medal of Excellence Awards.


Laura Drotleff (Editor, Greenhouse Grower): What are some of the most significant challenges our industry needs to overcome, from a production standpoint?

Royal Heins: Floriculture growers have a challenge in maintaining corporate knowledge. On the growing level, many companies rely on a small cadre of excellent growers. Loss of one or more results in a significant loss in corporate knowledge. The key is to be certain these employees feel valued, both on a personal and a financial level. A big challenge most floriculture owners face is the poaching of their grower talent by the cannabis industry, which is willing to compensate significantly more than the typical grower salary. The cannabis industry continues to grow in size and given the level of investment, requires high-quality growers who know how plants grow. Floriculture growers will continue to be the pool they look to for employees.