Seed Your Future Outlines How to Cure Plant Blindness

This is the second installment of four special features honoring winners of Greenhouse Grower’s 2018 Medal of Excellence Awards. This month features our 2018 Medal of Excellence for Gamechanger of the Year, Seed Your Future.

In the coming months, we will provide insights from the 2018 Head Grower of the Year and Operation of the Year. Special thanks to Title Sponsor MPS and WestRock for supporting Greenhouse Grower’s Medal of Excellence Awards.


Laura Drotleff (Editor, Greenhouse Grower): What are some recommended ways that anyone in the industry can help cure plant blindness and promote careers in horticulture?

Anna Ball, Ball Horticultural Company

Anna Ball, Ball Horticultural Company

Anna Ball, Ball Horticultural Co.: Seed Your Future is working to cure plant blindness through education and marketing. We need evangelists at every level from middle schoolers through college. Our first big effort has been the Bloom! campaign to expose the middle schooler to the power of plants and the idea of a career working with plants. We have concrete materials that are being used and incorporated into lesson plans, and we have measurements in place to see the progress we are making. The very foundation of the Seed Your Future movement is industry support, and everyone can get involved. Join one of our committees, follow us on social media, talk to your local school to introduce the Bloom! resources, donate money to the movement, or all of the above!