Creek Hill Is A 2014 Finalist For Operation Of The Year

Creek Hill Is A 2014 Finalist For Operation Of The Year

Ron Strasko, Creek Hill Nursery

Ron Strasko, owner of Creek Hill Nursery

Creek Hill Nursery is a growing liner company located in Lancaster County, Pa., that specializes in cell-pack starters of herbaceous perennials, ornamental grasses and deciduous woody plants. It also has a growing facility located in Manheim, Pa., that produces modular green roofs. The entire operation includes six locations that cover 25 acres of land and includes five acres of greenhouses.


Creek Hill Nursery serves the wholesale industry, as well as some landscapers and retailers. In addition to smaller plug sizes, it offers a larger 21 plug that is popular with landscapers and container growers who are looking for a quick turn-around.

In 2010, the company started using beneficial insects and compost tea during production. These two practices have substantially reduced pesticide and fungicide use across its operation, as well as helped lower its fertilizer bill by 90 percent.

One of Creek Hill Nursery’s most recent projects is the development of a Bee Safe program that promotes practices throughout its operation that make plants safer for both pollinators and humans. The company will be rolling out a new logo and marketing materials at Cultivate’14 as a direct result of this campaign.

Owner Ron Strasko’s philosophy is one of mentorship, which is something that Creek Hill’s marketing department has taken to heart. The company catalog and website both have a heavy teaching component that seeks to help others understand the business of perennials. Also, marketing at Creek Hill Nursery is not so much selling as it is a conversation, which helps establish strong customer relationships.