2020 Greenhouse Grower Top 100 Ornamentals Growers: The Complete List

Labor costs lead the list of concerns keeping Top 100 growers up at night. Of the 101 floriculture and ornamentals growers who responded to Greenhouse Grower’s Top 100 Growers Survey for 2020, 78% indicated they’re concerned about labor expenses, and 56% said they are anxious about the availability of skilled labor. This is undoubtably driving Top 100 Growers’ investment in technology, as cost of labor and availability of skilled labor ranked just behind improved efficiency in the top three reasons growers say are prompting them to invest in automation, equipment, and structures this year.

Not surprisingly, growers reported they’re also worried about the economy and government regulations revolving around immigration, labor, and healthcare, and all this before COVID-19 worries hit the U.S. (the survey circulated prior to COVID-19 lockdowns). In the face of these challenges, growers are exhibiting the resilience they are known for and are retaining hope for a positive future. Fifty-six percent plan to build more on their current site in 2020, and 39% will increase production of plugs and propagation material, followed closely by 36% who will expand production of annuals in 2020.


The List

Total production space for the Top 100 Growers who made this year’s list totals 219,875,073 square feet of environmentally controlled production space. This is down 9,883,371 square feet from the 2019 report. Top 100 Growers account for around 26% of the 859 million square feet of covered area for floriculture crop production listed in the 2018 USDA Floriculture Crops report.

Several newcomers joined the Top 100 list this year:

  • Silver Vase: #61
  • The Perennial Farm: Tied for #65 with Harts Nursery and Plainview Growers
  • Parks Brothers Farm: #93
  • Hampshire Farms: #95
  • Roseville Farms: #96
  • Emerald Coast Growers: #97
  • Pleasant Valley Farms: #98

Significant moves on the list of ten or more spaces include:

  • Plug Connection: #64 in 2019 to #30 in 2020
  • Henry Mast Greenhouses/Masterpiece Flower Co.: #52 in 2019 to tied for #37 with Valley Flowers
  • Silver Vase in 2020
  • Plainview Growers: #81 in 2019 to tied for #65 with Hart’s Nursery and The Perennial Farm
  • Baucom’s Nursery: #79 in 2019 to #69 in 2020
  • Green Valley Greenhouses: #86 in 2019 to #74 in 2020

Check out the complete list below! (note: a * means this year’s square footage number is an estimate; M = certified by More Profitable Sustainability. V ; Veriflora certification)

2020 Rank2019 RankName Of OperationState2020 Total (Environmentally Controlled Square Feet)
11Altman PlantsCA25,886,000
22Costa Farms (M)FL15,028,200
33Kurt Weiss Greenhouses*NY9,238,232
44Rocket Farms*CA8,305,120
55tMetrolina Greenhouses (M)NC8,100,000
65tBell Nursery USAMD7,400,000
77Seville Farms (M)TX5,935,000
89Green Circle Growers (M)OH5,250,000
9t10The Sun Valley Group*CA4,000,000
9t13Speedling (M)FL4,000,000
1112Olson's Greenhouse Gardens (M)UT3,792,000
1214Milgro NurseryUT3,500,000
1311Coastal GreenhousesNY3,310,560
1415Dallas Johnson Greenhouses (M)IA3,267,000
1516Woodburn Nursery and Azaleas*OR3,200,000
1617Bela Flor NurseriesMO3,049,200
1718tSmith Gardens (M)WA3,000,000
1818tMatsui Nursery*CA2,800,000
1920Headstart Nursery*CA2,682,000
2021Wenke/Sunbelt Greenhouses (M)MI2,657,160
2122Aris Horticulture (M)OH2,616,460
2223Skagit Horticulture (M)WA2,613,600
2325Bergen's Greenhouses (M)MN2,592,937
2427Tagawa Greenhouse EnterprisesCO2,400,000
2526Natural Beauty Growers (V)WI2,381,000
2629Battlefield Farms (M)VA2,178,000
2728N.G. Heimos GreenhousesIL2,148,600
2830Dan & Jerry's Greenhouses*MN1,960,000
2931Dewar Nurseries (M) (V)FL1,901,745
3064The Plug ConnectionCA1,849,948
3133Young's Plant Farm (M)AL1,845,000
3232Dan Schantz Farm (M)PA1,814,381
3334Riverview Flower FarmFL1,785,960
3435Plant Marketing*WI1,770,279
3536Lucas GreenhousesNJ1,765,000
3640Grower Direct Farms (M)CT1,750,000
37t52Henry Mast Greenhouses/Masterpiece Flower Co.MI1,740,000
37t38Valley Flowers*CA1,740,000
3941Ocean Breeze International*CA1,614,000
4042Westland Floral Company*CA1,600,000
4143Four Star Greenhouses*MI1,598,801
4244Rockwell Farms (M)NC1,568,160
4345Bailey NurseriesMN1,560,754
4446Post GardensMI1,527,000
4548Willoway Nurseries (M)OH1,510,000
4647Kawahara Nurseries (M)CA1,500,000
4749Van Wingerden International (M)NC1,481,040
4850Sawyer NurseryMI1,438,154
4951Pineae Greenhouses, Inc. (M)UT1,428,000
5053Panzer NurseryOR1,400,000
5154American Color (M)VA1,393,920
5260tArmstrong Growers/Pike FarmsCA1,350,600
5355Corso's Horticulture (M)OH1,312,932
5456Garden State GrowersNJ1,306,800
5557Richardson Brothers GreenhousesIL1,300,000
5658Kitayama BrothersCA1,250,000
5759Heartland Growers (M)IN1,222,682
5860tVan de Wetering Greenhouses (M)NY1,200,000
59t62tMasson Farms of New MexicoNM1,132,560
59t62tRed Oak GreenhouseIA1,132,560
61NRSilver Vase, Inc.FL1,100,000
6266Bob's Market and GreenhousesWV1,040,000
6367South Central Growers (M)TN1,030,354
6437Nash GreenhousesMI1,005,100
65t69Harts Nursery*OR1,000,000
65t81Plainview GrowersNJ1,000,000
65tNRThe Perennial FarmMD1,000,000
6871Dramm Echter FarmsCA900,000
6979Baucom's NurseryNC875,000
7072tMyriad Flowers International*CA871,200
72t75tCountryside Greenhouse and Farm MarketMI860,000
72t75tWhite's Nursery and GreenhousesVA860,000
7486Green Valley GreenhousesMN852,818
7577Sedan FloralKS852,135
7670Petitti/Casa Verde GrowersOH840,000
7780Botany Lane GreenhousesCO835,000
7883tKent's Bromeliad NurseryCA800,000
7982Olive Hill Greenhouses (M)CA760,000
8083tCalifornia Pajarosa*CA750,000
81t87tEsbenshades Greenhouse*PA740,000
81t87tPlants UnlimitedMI740,000
8392Fessler NurseryOR734,000
8493Pleasant View Gardens (M)NH709,402
85t89tCatoctin Mountain GrowersMD700,000
85t89tKnox Nursery (M)FL700,000
8794tAndy Mast GreenhousesMI676,545
8894tLoop's Nursery and GreenhousesFL650,000
8997McLellan Botanicals Taisuco American Corp.CA646,294
9098Cuthbert GreenhousesOH631,817
9194tGreen Valley FloralCA625,000
9299Tidal Creek GrowersMD621,455
93NRParks Brothers FarmAR609,840
94100Micandy Gardens GreenhouseMI605,000
95NRHampshire Farms, LLCIL573,768
96NRRoseville Farms LLCFL560,000
97NREmerald Coast GrowersFL555,000
98NRPleasant Valley FarmsAK515,000
99t78Twixwood NurseryMI500,000
99t65Welby Gardens Co./Hardy Boy Plants-HardystartsCO500,000