5 Reasons To Invest In Employee Training

5 Reasons To Invest In Employee Training

WorkersTraining and developing your employees is critical to the future success of your organization and the horticulture industry at large. From an article at eLearningIndustry,com, here are five reasons why your employees are worth the effort:

1. Supports succession planning. Ongoing employee training and development increases the pool of experienced and capable candidates to assume senior management positions when they become available.


2. Increases employee value. Employees with diverse skill sets can perform a variety of tasks and transition more easily into other roles within your organization.

3. Reduces attrition rates. Well-planned training and development provides career pathways for employees and helps with retention, which saves you in recruitment costs.

4. Enhances operational efficiency. Employee training and development increases efficiency and productivity at your operation, and promotes consistency in process adherence.

5. Exceeds industry standards. Employees well-versed in industry-standard best practices can assist in building your reputation and set your business apart from its competitors.

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