A Year’s Worth Of Greenhouse Grower Cover Stories

A Year’s Worth Of Greenhouse Grower Cover Stories

From green building and urban gardening to the Top 100 growers and the California drought, Greenhouse Grower’s cover stories take an in-depth look at the greenhouse industry. In case you missed them, here is a recap of our cover stories from 2014.

Growing For The New Green Revolution
Green building and urban gardening are on the rise. Find out what the floriculture industry needs to do to supply this demand.


Conquering The Next Frontier: Selling Plants Online
BigBadFlower.com and other online plant sellers have plans to capitalize on growing internet sales.

Rebuilding A Customer Base From Scratch
Starting over has Sedan Floral growing and profitable once again.

A New Model For Fresh Produce
Circle Fresh Farms aims to deliver produce that is delicious, nutritious, local and fresh to consumers nationwide.

Top 100 Growers
The ListGreenhouse Growers 2014 Top 100 Growers survey shows growers are expanding.
Crop Diversity Provides More Security: The country’s largest growers continue to broaden crop offerings.

High Tunnels Help To Expand Markets And Crops
Growers are taking advantage of the USDA’s Seasonal High Tunnel Initiative to extend the production season for crops.

Pollinator Report: What’s All The Buzz About?
The floriculture industry must be well-informed and prepared to talk about the issue of pesticides, pollinators and the overarching concerns of bee health.

Gotham Greens Takes Locally Grown Produce To A Whole New Level
Gotham Greens broke the boundaries of agriculture by building the country’s first rooftop greenhouse operation. Now its taking that vision further.

Building Success At Tagawa Greenhouses
Tagawa Greenhouses has spent the past year making improvements by expanding its production team and tapping into young talent.

Building Partnerships That Stand The Test Of Time
Greenhouse Grower’s 2014 Operation of the Year builds long-standing, mutually beneficial customer relationships that last.

An Enthusiastic Leader
Greenhouse Grower’s 2014 Grower of the Year Ivan Tchakarov accepts challenges, embraces the latest technology and leads his team with a positive attitude.

Defining Precision Horticulture
Growing with precision is part of greenhouse growing, but growers can save time, labor and money, and improve crop quality with automation, equipment and process optimization.

Great Things In Store For North Creek Nurseries
North Creek Nurseries ventures into a new era of growing with lean flow manufacturing and a brand new greenhouse.

Amid Drought, Californians Talk Water
As extreme drought conditions continue, the state looks at the way it manages its resources, while growers try to conserve and meet changing consumer needs.

Succession Planning For Growers
It’s a sensitive subject, but one that you need to address when it comes to deciding on your operation’s legacy. We caught up with two growers who shared their process and provided tips for a smooth transition.