Check Out Luxflora’s International Adventures In Europe


Luxflora is on a mission to make plants and flowers part of North American consumers’ everyday lifestyle. In doing this, its members have realized a need to branch out and learn how the horticulture industry in other parts of the world are successful in promoting the use of plants and flowers.


Each year, Luxflora offers the opportunity for up to 25 of its members to go on an international trip to observe trends in color, design, marketing, sales, and consumer buying habits and interests. Geared toward decision-makers and thought-leaders in the North American market, the trip promotes fellowship among its members, who work together to develop ideas for how plants and flowers can be successfully brought to market and promoted to consumers. Who better to drive an initiative to connect with current consumers, the majority of whom are women, than women who breed, grow, market, and sell flowers for a living?

Luxflora is gearing up for its 2017 international excursion. Check the Luxflora website later this fall for more details and to learn more about what this opportunity offers to you and your organization.