Corso’s Perennials Offers Pre-Made Sprite Gardens

Our Ones To WatchWith each new season, retailers often look to their vendors for fresh ideas to increase sales. Fairy gardens are still popular, but this year, Corso’s Perennials of Sandusky, Ohio, is dabbling in the fairy garden trend by offering consumers all the whimsy without the work.

At more than 100 Lowe’s stores throughout Ohio and Michigan, shoppers can purchase pre-made Sprite Gardens in decorative pots ranging from $24.98 to $29.98.


Each mini garden is planted with a variety of ground coverings and sprinkled with pebbles. Mixtures of Cooper’s Ice Plant (Delosperma cooperi) and sedum ‘Angelina’ are common.

Consumers can also choose between an assortment of the tiny fairy fixtures these mini gardens are known for. Wooden bridges, cottages, garden gnomes and robins are just some of the elements Corso’s uses to add personality to their pre-made creations.

While some gardeners enjoy collecting each element and assembling them in their planter by themselves, Corso’s knows there is a market for those who would rather just buy and enjoy.

“There’s also people with limited space who live in apartments or condos that don’t have a yard or place to garden,” says Corso’s Perennials President Gus Corso.

Corso also says he thinks fairy gardens are popular because of their kid-friendly appeal and can be a good way to introduce children to gardening.

This is the first year Corso’s has supplied pre-made Sprite Gardens to Lowe’s stores, and he has received a warm response from retailers and consumers.

“People like that it’s so easy,” Corso says. “They don’t have to do it themselves. It’s been a good reaction so far, and we will be trying it again next year.”