Danziger Hosts Indian Prime Minister, Demonstrates Innovations in Breeding and Precision Agriculture

Danziger Hosts Indian Prime Minister, Demonstrates Innovations in Breeding and Precision Agriculture

Danziger Hosts Indian Prime Minister

Zehava Danziger (left), the founder of Danziger, handing flowers to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On the right is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi landed in Israel July 4 with his delegation to explore possible cooperation with Israel, the group’s first stop was the Danziger facility at Mishmar Hashiva’a. The visit was hosted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the ministry of foreign affairs, and Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel.


Agriculture was a main component of the trip, as the Indian delegation looked to explore advanced and precision agriculture and R&D. As a global company, Danziger demonstrated to Netanyahu and Modi an overview of innovative breeding techniques and revolutionary products, as well as explaining about the overall complex process of developing new genetics for a global, diversified market.

In honor of India’s Prime Minister, Danziger launched a new daisy chrysanthemum variety in his name: ‘Modi’ and welcomed both prime ministers with a bouquet composed of the ‘Modi’ daisy.

In accordance with Indian preferences, some of the flowers in the bouquet were also bright colors.

“R&D doesn’t end on Danziger’s premises; we have our own trial stations spread all over the world, in Colombia, Kenya, North America, Europe, and the Far East,” said Ori Danziger, Deputy CEO. “Our breeders, sales, and marketing teams go all around the world, working side by side with our local partners, growers of different sizes and specialties, making sure we give the best after-sales service and technical support.

“We leverage this global intelligence into local agriculture success,” Danziger said. “We believe that in order to achieve great business success, all partners must benefit. In our company’s mission statement, we call it ‘creative collaboration.’ We work with people, and for people, and we always do it together.”

“We were very much honored to be chosen as the first place to see, when talking about advanced and precise agriculture,” said Micha Danziger, Chairman of the Board. “Being a global company, we watch the rapid development of the Far East, China, and India specifically, and are very passionate about exercising business and transnational cooperation, to grow and develop those high potential horticulture markets.”

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