E-Verify Website Down During Government Shutdown

E-Verify Website Down During Government Shutdown

E-Verify website shutdownRecent visitors to the E-Verify website came face-to-face with the same message they see on other government sites: Closed.

“E-Verify is unavailable due to the federal government shutdown,” the site says. During the government shutdown, employers are not able to access E-Verify accounts, enroll in E-Verify or verify employee eligibility.


“Employers will be unable to access E-Verify accounts, but while E-Verify is shutdown, the I-9 process should continue as usual, and employers must still complete the I-9 by no later than the third business day after an employee starts work,” according to the Employers Resource Council HR Employee Insights Blog. “But, employers will not need to verify all new hires within three days of hire during the shutdown.”

To read more, visit the E-Verify government shutdown information page.