Endless Summer Hydrangeas Attract New Customers on ‘Queer Eye’

Endless Summer hydrangea makes appearance on Queer Eye

Interior designer and “Queer Eye” star Bobby Berk carries in an Endless Summer hydrangea for use in a home makeover.

One of the ways Bailey, a grower and breeder based in St. Paul, MN, attracts new customers is by promoting its plants through unique venues. For instance, Endless Summer BloomStruck Hydrangea was the official flower of the Super Bowl in 2018. Bailey distributed more than 3,500 plants throughout the stadium for the event. Now, Endless Summer hydrangeas grace the set of the popular rebooted reality show “Queer Eye,” which is in its third season on Netflix.


“Queer Eye” is a three-time Emmy Award-winning show. Its episodes feature the Fab Five, a team of gay professionals specializing in fashion, personal grooming, interior design, entertainment, and culture. They perform a makeover (or make-better) for people that covers everything from a new wardrobe to redecorating, food, landscaping, and lifestyle tips.

Bailey Public Relations and Communications Specialist Ryan McEnaney watched episode one of the first season of “Queer Eye” and noticed the show’s costars doing yard and patio makeovers. He contacted “Queer Eye’s” producers and asked if Bailey could supply Endless Summer hydrangeas for use on the show.

The producers agreed, and if you watch closely, you might catch a glimpse of the distinctive blue Endless Summer pots, the latest Endless Summer hydrangea variety, or other Bailey plant material used on the set.

Is there a way your company can use this example to promote your plants, by exploring atypical avenues for getting exposure for your plants or brand where people don’t usually see them? Let your creativity run wild when it comes to ways to attract new customers to your business.