Expert Advice on How to Improve Your Greenhouse IPM Program

greenhouse ipm

Integrated pest management (IPM) is a dynamic process that is always evolving. Because of this, the learning curve can be steep, so taking a step back to analyze your system and approach is critical.


The Biocontrols USA West Conference and Expo, which takes place March 14-15 in Portland, OR, will include several educational presentations that address the numerous variables to consider when auditing a struggling pest management program.

• Charlie McKenzie, Director of Partnership/Co-founder, CropWalk/CropTalk, will kick off the conference with a keynote presentation on why your IPM program may be struggling, and what you can do about it. During McKenzie’s talk, you will learn about three specific challenge areas growers in fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, and cannabis are currently facing, and how you can prevent your program from experiencing the same issues. McKenzie will also focus on the toolbox growers have at their disposal, how important a quality scouting program is, and what it might take to ultimately solve your challenge.

• Poinsettia growers can get a Canadian perspective on IPM from Sara Jandricic, Greenhouse Floriculture IPM Specialist , Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Jandricic will present case studies from Canada, where biocontrol programs and chemical programs have been compared head-to-head for silverleaf (Bemisia) whitefly control. Jandricic will highlight products used, economics, and the impact of whitefly species on control outcomes.

• What about greenhouse ornamental diseases? Dr. Ann Chase, a Plant Pathologist with Chase Agricultural Consulting, will cover a short history of biopesticides used in the greenhouse. The range of biopesticides available for use on greenhouse ornamental diseases will be reviewed, including true biologicals, plant extracts, and coppers. The modes of action for the biological agents and considerations for incorporating biologicals into a conventional disease management program will complete Chase’s presentation.

Registration for Biocontrols USA West is available here.