First-Ever Flower Run Was A Big Success, Luxflora Says

Luxflora Flower Run

Mike Goyette of Pleasant View Gardens crossed the finish line at the first-ever Luxflora Flower Run 5k in Columbus on July 10. Photo courtesy of Luxflora.

Kicking off Cultivate’16 on Sunday, July 10, Luxflora’s first annual 5K saw nearly 150 participants racing through the picturesque Scioto Audubon Park in Columbus under clear blue skies and perfect conditions. It was a great way to start the week, participants said.


Congratulations to the winners of the first-ever Flower Run:
First Place: Jacob Griffith Gardner
Second Place: Mike Goyette
Third Place: Jack Ford

The top three winners — and all of the Flower Run participants — were showered with flower petals when they crossed the finish line, making for a colorful and fragrant finish to an invigorating experience.

“Personally, I would consider it a grand success,” says Luxflora President Rebecca Lusk. “The overall mood was fantastic, from start to finish. There were many high fives and group hugs, numerous duo phone selfies and postings to social media, while participants enjoyed their bananas and bottled water donated by Experience Columbus. Most important, many racers stayed to cheer the following racers as they crossed the finish line. People also came in support even if they did not run the race, to cheer and take photos of their teammates.”

Luxflora Flower Run Promotes Organization’s Mission

Establishing the Flower Run celebrates Luxflora‘s mission to develop a visionary, influential floriculture network in which women leaders can create, inspire, and flourish. The 5K event was an opportunity for all floriculture professionals to come together to network, build relationships, and to have some healthy fun, Lusk says.

“The First Annual Luxflora 5K was an opportunity for our industry to spend more time inner-industry with one another outside of work to build relationships and friendships in a fun, casual environment,” she says. “It’s important and vital to our industry. Kicking off Cultivate with a physical activity, we believe, put a positive spirit into the show. Events such as these can create a sense of community, improved morale, and increase motivation.”

Based on the spirit of the Flower Run participants and the overall mood of the event, the race had an effect that will last beyond the first 5K and Cultivate’16, Lusk says.

“Some participants have started a chat group to keep themselves motivated to exercise three days a week. Bottom line, the intentions were to Create, Inspire, and Flourish and I think we accomplished that with great success.”

Flower Run 5K Returns In 2017

Based on feedback from participants and current and potential sponsors, the Flower Run 5K is sure to become an annual fixture event at Cultivate, Lusk says. At the 2017 Luxflora Flower Run 5K, she hints that participants can look forward to “Guns and Roses.”

“I personally could not be more pleased with how the industry supported the event,” she says. “I am grateful that Luxflora had the opportunity and platform to offer such an event in conjunction with Cultivate and we want to graciously thank our sponsorship partners, AmericanHort and GIE for their support and collaboration in making this inaugural event such a success.”

Luxflora is a visionary, women-led, nonprofit, professional organization with the mission to promote the use of flowers in everyday life. Visit the Luxflora website to learn more about the opportunities this innovative new organization provides to its members and to find out how you can be part of and support it.