Four Ways to Get Your Staff to Care About Quality

Four Ways to Get Your Staff to Care About Quality

employee-reviewing-shipping-listLouis Efron, a writer, Fortune 200 HR Executive, and Forbes magazine contributor, says it can be a challenge to convince your employees to care as much as you do about your business and the quality of products you are providing. Here are four culture-changing suggestions he has:

1. Make Every Job the Most Important Job at Your Company


Companies that don’t put an effort into engaging those who keep the business running behind the scenes are making a big mistake. By equally engaging these employees, managers and leaders stimulate improved innovation and cost reduction, and employee ownership across all areas of the business.

2. Build in Daily Reminders of Your Mission

In the day-to-day grind of every job at every company, employees can lose focus on why they are there. There are simple ways to make this happen. Perhaps notify your whole company whenever a new customer deal is closed.

3. Level Your Employee Playing Field

A lack of hierarchy and “bosses” can foster a sense of autonomy and ownership for all employees. Employees choose to perform at a high level not because someone is telling them to, but because they feel an ownership obligation to help their organization deliver on its mission.

4. Make it OK to Fail

Working in a culture where employees are afraid to make mistakes is stressful, limits the possibilities of discovering new and better ways of doing things, and reinforces the “just a job” mentality. True employee ownership comes from a sense of empowerment to experiment and fail.

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