8 Ways to Sell Plants California Spring Trials 2019 Style

8 Ways to Sell Plants California Spring Trials 2019 Style

California Spring Trials 2019 is not only a plants fashion week on steroids,  it’s also a great place to gather some ideas for marketing plants to sell. Here are eight ideas the Greenhouse Grower team picked up along the California Spring Trials trail to help with marketing plants at your business.

Use a Catchy Saying

2Plant International’s Frankie Says display, inspired by the British band Frankie Goes to Hollywood, brought a smile to visitor’s faces at the Windmill Nursery Stop. A light-hearted, attention-grabbing slogan is a great way to convey your message about plants in a way that people remember.



And here’s Frank (left), with Greenhouse Grower‘s Contributing Editor Allan Armitage (right).

Package It to Go

Ball Horticultural’s display of waxed amaryllis bulbs for Christmas was intriguing enough for a second-look. These amaryllis bulbs don’t need to be watered, and their decorative packaging makes them a great grab-and-g0 gift item for Christmas sales.


Play on a Name

Darwin Perennials displayed its Herbilicious combos in a backyard patio display. Even more fun were the names of the six combos featured. With names like Back Patio Sips and Bakin’ Up a Storm, it was easy to picture consumers wanting one for their home kitchen gardens.

Highlight a Season

Dümmen Orange’s retail display of heat tolerant plants is a great example of a display that takes the difficulty out of picking the right plant for the season.

Colorize It

If you want a marketing display that catches attention, try this idea from Florist. Pair colorful pots in the same color with a plant you want to highlight.

Deck It Out

With small space-gardening more popular than ever, highlighting plants well-suited for container growing on a deck or patio is a good way to play to the trend. Proven Winners’ Decked Out concept allows retailers to choose their own container to highlight plants for the deck. The container must cost a minimum of $2 per piece, wholesale. It must be designed for plants and cannot have any self-watering features.

Urbanize It

Sakata Ornamentals’ urban display took common industrial cinder blocks and dressed them up with flowers, showing how easy it can be to incorporate plants and flowers into city landscapes.


The displays at Pacific Plug and Liner never cease to draw attention with their well-thought-out designs and stunning plant material. If all else fails, make your plant material stand out with the boldness of your display.