Greenhouse Grower Debuts Second Cup Video Series

Greenhouse Grower Debuts Second Cup Video Series

The new Second Cup video series from Greenhouse Grower magazine features Editor Laura Drotleff and Contributing Editor and Industry Guru Dr. Allan Armitage, discussing industry issues and news of the day. The series will appear monthly or more on

This casual, relatable format will be an opportunity to delve deeper into trends impacting the industry, news of the day, and more. We’ll provide some of our own perspective and analysis of current events and issues, and we’d love to hear about what you think, as well. We want to open up the industry dialogue to encourage more ideas and discussion about the industry, forces that are impacting it now and in the future, and where it’s headed. Be sure to weigh in on the topics we’re discussing, as well as those you’d like us to cover. Email [email protected] to send us your feedback and ideas.


Look for more videos coming soon, discussing Greenhouse Grower‘s Medal of Excellence Award nominees for Industry’s Choice and Editor’s Choice, talking about efforts for better marketing in the industry, unpacking our baggage following California Spring Trials, and many more topics. Meanwhile, sit back, relax, and have a 2nd Cup of coffee with us over this first video about an influential figure in the industry who had much to do with the launch and success of Greenhouse Grower magazine and its parent company, Meister Media Worldwide.

See you next time!