Groovy Products, Floriculture Trends, and Displays From TPIE 2019

The Tropical Plant International Expo (TPIE), held Jan. 16-18 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, not only features the best in foliage plants and tropicals, it’s also a great place to see what’s trending in the industry and spot some great products and display ideas.

You always see a few classic trends with products and plants that never go out of style, a few that catch your attention for a short run, and some emerging trends that are mainstays in the making. Here’s a few trends, both old and new, that I noticed this year on the show floor, and check out the slideshow for more fun products, displays, and trends to lend you inspiration.

  • Muted colors are still popular, but bright colors are joining them as they start to make their comeback. The simple elegance of white never seems to go out of style.
  • Cascading Phalaenopsis orchids with big, bold blooms are coming into their own with their simple elegance and new take on the traditional orchid.
  • Message pots were everywhere. Paired with succulents and air plants, they’re communicating with consumers in a new ways.
  • Retail offerings of pots and gift items are becoming more multi-cultural and all-inclusive, conveying the message that everyone, no matter what their ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, etc., is invited.
  • More retail products seem to center around creating emotional connections for consumers, whether its nature, joy, relaxation, fun, or whimsy.
  • Pilea is the hottest up-and-coming plant around. It appeals to young and old alike and lends itself well to sharing with friends.
  • Pots and containers are becoming more sleek and uncomplicated, allowing plants with unique foliage patterns to standout.
  • The natural look appeals to the environmentally minded. Suppliers are capitalizing on this, creating products for plants that come in guilt-free, recyclable packaging, or that are made with reusable materials.